And Saturday Flew By

Dave and Ethan gave us a blueprint for how to double date them, but more importantly, we learned how to practice kissing/devouring a girl’s mouth on a kiwi.

Germans showed us how important and erotic a Barq’s Break really can be in the office setting.

Pangea 3000 gave us a glimpse of what baseball will be like in the future and did the longest most amazing slow-jerk thank you scene of the festival.

Free Love Forum yearned to toss the devil from it’s home and showed just how harmful a passing salutation can be.

IMG_0296 2
Rue Brutalia hit the road in their pedophile-packed car and somehow showed us how to love again.

Elephant Larry ate snack foods out of each other’s mouths.

and MURDERFIST closed out the festival with a rail against jeans, a gratuitous amount of bodily fluids, and a packed crowd’s screaming cheers.

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