2023 PhotoVogue Digital Art Collection

2023 PhotoVogue Digital Art Collection

PhotoVogue launches its second residency program aimed at empowering artists entering the Web3. The program builds on last year's Voice x FotoVogue NFT residency, which brought together 75 artists from around the world to present a unique collection, culminating in a digital art exhibition at the FotoVogue 2022 festival in Milan, Italy.

Based on a shared commitment to promoting talent and visual literacy to help promote a more just, ethical and inclusive world, PhotoVogue and VOICE partner to bring a new vision of photography to the Web3. The Fotovogue NFT program is an opportunity to expand the storytelling power of photography, empower diverse artists around the world, and promote creativity in the digital space.

Through this year's residency, we will offer a group of artists the opportunity to learn how to ethically and intentionally enter the space and experiment with this new digital medium while staying true to their artistic voice expert from Web3.

The theme of our second house collection will be representation.

In a world of how we see ourselves and fit into society in relation to others, these images are woven into the global cultural fabric and can present a limited, distorted and exclusionary narrative. Although more emphasis has been placed on the inclusion conversation recently, more work can always be done. Through this program, we hope to reshape the narratives that dominate the scene by exploring and breaking down our limiting stereotypes.

PhotoVogue NFT Residency 2023 will feature twenty-four artists from the PhotoVogue community participating in a Web3 training program culminating in the successful launch of an NFT series on the Ethereum blockchain. Artists will submit artwork for three selected editions of voice.com. Artist benefits include a $500 grant, ongoing royalties, a month-long digital workshop series, and access to Web3 mentors.

In addition, the artists in residence PhotoVogue NFT 2022 will launch a new capsule collection this spring, exploring issues of representation and curated by Alessia Glaviano. Artists are also invited to serve as mentors to new groups, sharing their experience and knowledge with new artists to strengthen and further strengthen our growing community. The new artists in the 2023 collection are:

Verips d'art

Alia Romagnoli

Ankita Das

Ariel is gray

Ashley Markle

Chimeka offer

chiron duong

claudia amatruda

Emma Sarpanimi

Elias Grieb

Jamie Gayle

Juan Francisco Sanchez

Marisol Mendez

Martina Albertozzi

Olga from the church

Raul Guillermo

The Tragedy of Salome

Samuel Trotter

Sanna Lehto

Sasha Chaika

Simon Rocher

Stace Shitanda

Victoria Ruiz

the viridians

Follow the collection releases here and on social media @voicehq and @photovogue .

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