6 Skills That Separate The Best From The Rest In Technology Sales

6 Skills That Separate The Best From The Rest In Technology Sales

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Attracting new customers and retaining existing customers is difficult in the tech industry. It's a long sales cycle, fierce competition, and you're working with decision makers upline, downline, and throughout the organization. And there is always at least one manager who realizes this, cries incessantly. "show me":

All of this means that your salespeople need to be on top of their game. To find out what differentiates top technology vendors, RAIN Group's Business Research Center conducted a global study of the skills and qualities of top performers. Here are some results.

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What Makes a Great Technology Sales Manager?

Before we dive into skills and attributes, let's understand what makes a high-performing technology salesperson. They will do the following:

It's no surprise that salespeople achieve better performance by winning more deals. The top tech performers have an average success rate of 74%, compared to just 47% for the others. The best performers are therefore difficult to find. They represent only 20% of respondents to our survey. The majority (80%) of technology vendors are “idle”.

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The 6 biggest differences between the best and the rest

So what sales skills should you look for in tech company sales reps? More importantly, what skills separate the best from the rest? Our research shows that top salespeople are more likely to excel in these six unique skills and qualities.

  • They are 2x more likely to focus on their own agenda, be unresponsive and distracted by others

  • 2x are more likely to present the value case in a persuasive and persuasive way.

  • You are more likely to tell a good story if you sell 2x.

  • They are 2x more likely to have a coach for successful sales conversations.

  • 1.9 times more likely to change habits when needed to improve results.

  • 1.8 times higher to avoid confusion.

Three important points emerge from these data.

1. Increase in labor productivity

The first three of the six skills and qualities are related to productivity. Highly effective people are more likely to focus on their schedule, adjust their practice as needed, and stay clear of distractions.

Despite the data, we see little attention paid to performance during sales. If you're looking for top tech sellers, look for a track record of responsibility, initiative, and time management.

2. Effective training

By teaching high performers how to have effective sales conversations, managers are more likely to have better skills. They have the tools to succeed in virtual sales.

In general, we've found that sales managers who are tech-savvy have great coaching skills. The #1 sales management and coaching skill that sets the best apart is "teaching salespeople how to have effective sales conversations." In fact, the top performers (47%) are more likely to succeed here than the others (23%).

The truth is, sellers win and lose sales in conversations with buyers. When salespeople get the training they need to have effective conversations, it's worth it. To that end, sales managers should take walk-throughs, watch sales videos, and engage in visuals with their salespeople.

3. Compilation of the file

In technology sales, the biggest difference between top performers and others is the ability of top performers to deliver compelling value. And it's not just about presenting ROI issues. There are five things a seller must do to impress buyers.

  1. Priority sellers must convince buyers that it is important and deserves to be on the priority list.

  2. Approach providers must demonstrate that this is the correct approach to solving their problem. Here is a good story. Sellers who do it well demonstrate how their methods have worked for others and can work for buyers.

  3. Return on investment . Most salespeople talk about ROI, but few know how to justify ROI. In fact, only 16% of buyers say sellers are effective at generating ROI. This leaves a lot of room for improvement for most sellers.

  4. decision . Many sales are lost without resolution. Sellers need to influence buyers and get them to act.

  5. Selling partners must prove they are the best partner to help the buyer succeed. This is where relationships and values ​​come in. The more value a seller brings to the sales process and the stronger the relationship between them, the more likely a buyer is to see them as a partner of choice.

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Last word. When it comes to selling B2B technology, trust the data

To overcome the challenges of selling technology, your team must make finding and developing the best parts a core skill. Data analysis clearly shows that people who know how to sell technology behave differently. they are

  • Focus on your priorities

  • Create attractive value

  • Tell a good story

  • Have a strong coach

  • Adjust habits if necessary

  • Avoid distractions

This is an informative article for leading technology marketers. How is your team made up?

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