For the past seven years, SketchFest NYC has been bringing the absolute best sketch comedy in North America to New York City for one weekend of mind-blowing fun.

Since 1999, Sketch Fests have been popping up all over the country. Along with the original festival in Seattle, annual Sketch Fests are held in Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles, Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto.

As with other Sketch Fests, Sketch Fest NYC is dedicated to promoting the art of sketch comedy. Sketch comedy, which is different from improv and stand-up, consists of short written scenes, rehearsed beforehand, usually presented by a group of people that can range in size from one to twenty. In recent years, the definition has expanded to include the explosion of comedy groups creating short films, and distributing them online.

We bring you the best – from performances by Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall), Whitest Kids U’Know, Chevy Chase, and more – to the best groups you’ve never heard of – SketchFest NYC is about quality, not quantity. If you come to a show at SketchFest NYC, we guarantee a good time.

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