Army Veterans Presented With Quilt Of Valor

Army Veterans Presented With Quilt Of Valor

(Above) Korean combat veteran Joseph Imburgia sits with a courage blanket made for him by US Army personnel Hands, Heart and Hope Kilters, to thank him for his service. The blankets were donated to friends, family and other veterans during a Veterans Day dinner on Elevate. (Below) Family, friends, and other veterans watch as quilters serve quilts. (Photo by Christy R Garabrand)

WAVESVILLE. Korean War veteran Joseph Imburgia was surprised to find the heroism surrounding him as friends, family, and other veterans dined at Elevate.

Hands, Hearts, and Hope quilters made a patriotic quilt for Imburghia to thank for their service. Quilters Tracey Wade, Diana Hooper, and Mary Annatt gave away the blankets.

When the blanket was removed, Imburgia said it was a thank-you to the creators of the Hands, Hearts and Hope blankets, whose members share a love for their country.

Quilters tell Imburgia that the quilt is a thank you. They also told her that every blanket tells a story and that her blanket stories started right here in her community. There is a label on the back of your blanket that tells the story of how it was made.

The blanket is now part of the story, Hooper told Imburgia, and they hope he keeps it to himself as a stark reminder that there are thousands of women and men across the country who know they are always in debt will stick around.

The blanket, the Imburgians say, contains a three-part message: first, it honors him for his service and willingness to give up everything he loves to be in danger to everyone in a moment of danger; Second, quilters know that freedom is never wasted, and their quilts are rewarded at a great price; And third, the blanket must provide comfort.

"As we sew, we hope that our gratitude and care will flow from our hearts, through our hands, to the sheets, eventually enveloping you in warmth and love, " says Hooper.

"When asked what she thought when she received the blanket, Imburgia simply replied, ' I was shocked to tell the truth. I didn't expect that."

When asked what she thought of celebrating Veterans Day, Imburgia repeated , "I was blown away. I did what I had to do for the country."

After Murphy's blanket presentation, two cooperative homeschool students, Ben, 9, and Abram, 7, who study the US Constitution and learn about veterans, gave a blanket presentation in Imburghia.

In addition to Imburghia, US Army Vietnam veteran Jack Betteridge also received blankets the day before.

The Quilts of Valor Foundation was founded by Katherine Roberts in 2003 when her son was sent to Iraq. It is a grassroots organization made up of thousands of blankets across the country whose mission is to cover all veterans and military members with a blanket to honor their work. Since its inception, Quilts of Valor has provided more than 300,000 blankets for combat veterans and military personnel.

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