BAFTA Unveils Plans For 2023 Film Awards: Final Categories Will Air Live, Two Hosts To Lead Ceremony


The BAFTA Film Awards continue with a new format for the 2023 event on February 19. Alongside the previously announced new digs at the Royal Festival Hall Southbank Centre, the event will conclude with live broadcasts of the last four categories for the first time. In previous years, the event was recorded and broadcast with a delay.

The production will also be supported by two hosts hosting the event instead of the usual solo hosts. Still unnamed, one from the auditorium and the other from BAFTA's new Backstage studio. The latter will offer viewers a 360-degree red carpet and backstage experience with LH, as well as interviews with past and present winners, nominees, and top talent.

This year too, there will be musical performances by newcomers and legends. Last year Shirley Bassey brought the whole house singing "Diamonds Are Forever".

The production was produced by BAFTA and Spun Gold TV and the changes are part of a commitment to rethink and expand film and television awards production and formats.

Three rounds of voting for BAFTA Global members begin tomorrow, with the long list published on January 6 and nominations on January 19.

Jane Millichip, Chief Executive of the BAFTA, said: "Every year the EE BAFTA Film Awards is an extraordinary showcase of skill, talent and excellence in the film industry. We know how transformative impact winning a BAFTA can be, not just for envelope name gold, but filming at home for all who watch, hoping they will be inspired to become the filmmakers of tomorrow. The changes we are making to the BBC One awards broadcast will ensure that those viewers have the best seats in the audience. Live coverage of the awards night finals will build anticipation, whilst our behind the scenes studio allows viewers to experience the event and be part of it. will give them exclusive insight into the talent it received. Voting opens tomorrow, after a fantastic year of films from British independent to global blockbuster. We look forward to announcing the nominees on the 19th January."

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