Barbarian Review: The Endless Twists In This Airbnb Horror Film Are A Central Part Of Its Funhouse Charm

Barbarian Review: The Endless Twists In This Airbnb Horror Film Are A Central Part Of Its Funhouse Charm

Directed by Zach Kreger. Starring: Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård, Justin Long. 18, 107 minutes.

Every opportunity in life is really a risk. Any risk to women is a potential risk. It's a worry that the horror film Barbarian masterfully plays with before turning into a raging monster that consistently subverts the audience's expectations.

Tess Marshall (Georgina Campbell) arrives in Detroit for a job interview, only to find one man, Keith Bill Skarsgård, staying at her Airbnb rental for a week. The property, though somewhat questionable, was the only house left intact in one of the city's many abandoned sections, a testament to its industrial decline. A vulnerable Tess discovered that the green flag had also turned red. Why was Kate so determined to open a nice bottle of wine when she refused the glass? Isn't it a strange coincidence that the only low-budget documentary I've seen that filmed an interview with Tess? "There are a lot of bad guys out there," he said bluntly. What made him think he had the authority to say that? Some clever casting here. Skarsgård is a charismatic cast member, but if you didn't believe him because he played the more famous Pennywise the Clown in this remake, you might not believe him because he looks like a future Claymation character. Seen by Tim Burton. out.

I hesitate to give anything more specific. The many barbaric twists are a big part of its funhouse charm. Zach Kreger, a member of the comedy sketch group The Most White Kids U 'Know, his directorial and screenwriting debut, also dominates the film's location; the camera pans over the stairs; he stumbled down the corridor as if dragged into an unspeakable calamity; he looked around the corner and relaxed until he blinked.

As a director, Kreger knows how to take into account the audience's expectations and then subvert them before violently pushing for something more realistic. The cops here don't act like the cops in the movies. The fear of a woman's aging body, common in horror and inevitably associated with the female gender, isn't as simple as you might think. Tess may not always make the right decisions, but she's smart when it counts. Campbell understands the shifting tone of Barbarian well , leaving room for humor without falling into mere horror comedy.

At one point, Jeeper Creepers star Justin Long appeared as AJ Gilbride, a soap opera actor accused of sexual assault. What the film does with it is as surprising as it is clever. In all the chaos, Barbarian makes an important point. women can always pay for men's cruelty.

The movie "The Barbarian" will be shown in theaters on October 28

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