Best Educational Board Games That Make Learning Fun

Best Educational Board Games That Make Learning Fun

If you're looking to keep your kids away from their screens and encourage healthy family time, educational board games (although they may be whispery at first) work like a treat. There are tons of educational board games out there, be it science, spelling, math or history. We usually have fun watching…

To help you delight your kids and entertain your guests, we've rounded up the best educational board games – just in time for all your festive gatherings.

Whether your kids are budding scientists, aspiring word-makers, or naturalists, you're sure to find the board games in our library that fit your family's idea of ​​quality (and educational) playtime.

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Well spoken! For children (from 6 years)

We couldn't put together a list of the best board games without the all-time classic Articulate . Of course, the traditional version isn't the best choice for younger players, so be sure to have a version of this board game for kids in your cupboard for a more inclusive activity.

Quick chat and description board games are all about describing the word in front of you without actually saying the word. Add in stopwatches and competitors and you've got quite a buzzing business. With lots of categories and topics to choose from, it's an easy way for your little ones to learn new vocabulary.

Play this junior version alongside the original board game to create your own family version – perfect for big gatherings when your guests are ages 7 to 70.

Globetrotter (9+)

Put your family's geography knowledge to the test with this educational board game. Be the first to travel the world and answer questions about flags, capitals and mountains along the way. Globe Runner is great for groups of two to six players, so it can be a fun rain activity if you're tired of the kids indoors over the holidays. Or why not give it to the card lover in your life?

Photosynthesis (8+)

One for the budding biologist or anyone who likes really cool board games. Photosynthesis is a strategy game where you can plant trees and create forests on a board, but think carefully about where you want to plant because the sun's rotation and location on the board can affect growth. A game for two to four players with intricate tree symbols and designs, this is the perfect solution for a chilly afternoon at the kitchen table.

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Fluxx Chemistry (8+)

Looking for a fun way to help your kids improve for their chemistry test? Okay, this may not fit into the school curriculum, but this educational board game is a great way to help kids master the elements and molecules.

More like this

The rules of this card game evolve as you play. So you can start by drawing cards and playing, but the game won't go that way. You only get cards from the box, so resting is a good option since you don't have a bunch of awkward coins and counters to worry about or lose.

Horrible Storyboard Game (8+)

Go through history with this Awful History board game, visit the Middle Ages, Tudor and Victoria at once. Roll the dice and travel through time, answering questions and counting random cards along the way. You can even play charades with this board game for kids, so it's a good choice for entertainers in your family.

Scrabble Art Deco (10+)

Want to clean up your 20 year old Scrabble board and improve yourself? This Art Deco Scrabble board game features luminous marble style tiles and the board itself has been given a geometric UV spray coating. The boxes are pretty cute too, so it's a great board game to have on your shelf.

This educational board game is recommended for children over ten, but you can easily adapt Scrabble for younger players or even play as a team to help with spelling, so always win when you decide what to play.

Word Search Board Game (8+)

Here's another educational word game for the whole family, but Word Search is much faster. Instead of making up your own words like in Scrabble , the goal is to see as many words on the board as possible. So basically a large competitive group word search. Far less stressful than a lazy Sunday morning word search you're doing on your own, but way more fun.

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