“Brushstroke” Nails Are An Abstract Work Of Art

Unlike hair and color trends which are difficult to try without the help of a professional, we love hair art trends because we can experiment at home. While frosted nails and various variations of French manicures are always the best candidates, if you are looking for something new and different, let us introduce you to the trend of 'polished' nail art.

Exactly what it sounds like: nail art with brush-like strokes. "Brush nail art is spontaneous and fun to mix and match with different colors," says celebrity nail artist Queenie Nguyen. There are two things we really love about this manicure design: its versatility and its ease of repetition. "It looks easy with nail polish application, no extra tools needed," she says.

Depending on the color palette used, a manicure can be very simple or bold and expressive. For example, during New York Fashion Week, Lana Condor arrived at the Tory Burch Spring-Summer 2022 show with a manicure brush by artist Thuy Nguyen. In keeping with the Condor trend, the base is transparent with black and white lacquer and gold leaf for added sparkle. To create a fall look, use nail polish in neutral colors like brown, white, black, and tan, or go for dark reds, purples, greens, and blacks.

Ahead shares with Nguyen how to recreate the look at home.

Start by painting your nails with a base coat of your choice. You can use paint or let your natural color shine by covering it with a clear layer. When this layer is completely dry, you can create your own brush stroke pattern. "Use a nail polish tool to gently apply the polish in uneven directions," says Nguyen. "Use different colors to overlap and define the overall look."

The secret to getting this police pattern instead of a loud font is in the typography you use. "Be careful not to press the applicator or nail brush too hard against the nail surface to create bristles in the strokes," she says. Once you've achieved the look you want with different strokes of paint, you can cover the design with a clear topcoat or add some details to enhance the look. "Add small details like tiny dots, gold glitter or rhinestones to complete a polished look on special occasions."

Get inspired for your own nail collection.

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