Cape Cod Restaurant Gets Shoutout From ‘Glass Onion Director After Film ‘messed Up Google Results

Cape Cod Restaurant Gets Shoutout From ‘Glass Onion Director After Film ‘messed Up Google Results
The Boston Globe

If you're a small company called The Glass Bow, Rian Johnson has a few things to deal with.

The director of the critically-acclaimed crime film Knives Out and its upcoming sequel The Glass Bow: A Mystery of Knives Out, which will be released on Netflix on December 23, is giving restaurants around the country "a little love." has the same title as its latest release, as the film has been "messing up" their Google results for the past few months.

Among them, The Glass Onion, a family restaurant on Cape Cod, he said in a tweet Monday.

The Falmouth restaurant has a "delicious menu," Johnson tweeted, citing the restaurant's website.

"If you're visiting Cape Cod, stop in!" – He said.

Johnson has said in previous interviews that he took the title of the film from a song on The Beatles' White Album.

Many restaurateurs seem to have the same idea: Johnson's Glass Onion list includes a soul food restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, which he describes as "a great place," and an Italian restaurant in Waterville. , North Carolina. . What he meant was a "comfortable interface".

Josh Christian, who opened The Glass Bow on Cape Cod with his wife, Tali, in 2009, said he was thrilled when the manager praised his restaurant this week, days before the film's nationwide release on Netflix.

Christian, who says he's a big fan of Johnson's films, especially his 2012 time travel film The Loop, said he was grateful to be recognized and included on the list.

He said: "It was very generous of him."

Christian said the fact that his restaurant's name already coincides with the name of one of the biggest releases of the year has been a topic of discussion at The Glass Onion for months.

Coincidentally, he said, the film's music editor, longtime collaborator Rian Johnson, Joseph Boone, is a regular.

"They've been coming for years," he said. "They were the first to tell us what was after the name of the film."

And yes, he said, since Johnson and his team started promoting the film, it's become harder to find his business on Google.

"When I googled 'Glass Onion' a few months ago, we always came up," he said. "Lately you had to type in 'Falmouth' or 'Cape Cod' to see anything from us."

However, this did not affect the number of visitors, and people who searched for his restaurant online reported that they had no trouble finding it.

It's not the first time he's had to share the name "Glass Bow," which his family also says he borrowed from the Beatles.

"He has been in many restaurants before us and I am sure he will appear in other companies after us.

So no hard feelings.

If Johnson ever wanted to stop eating, Christian said, he would be "very happy to do so."

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