Chasm: 9 Beginner Tips And Tricks

Chasm: 9 Beginner Tips And Tricks

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Chasm is a Metroidvania-style platformer from Bit Kid Inc. that's been around for a while but has yet to compete with other major platformers. What makes Chasm unique is that the game uses a procedurally generated character placement system, giving you a different experience every time you launch it.

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For those of you who need some background knowledge before starting the game, here is a brief introduction to the story. You are one of the Knights of the Guild Kingdom and you have been sent to the mining town of Karthas on your first mission. Here you see the city completely abandoned, so you decide to enter the mines and find some clues.

Look for these saved rooms

Chasm does not offer an auto-save feature. It's old school in that sense, it gives you the right Metroidvania vibe. Whether you're trying to save all the lost citizens or fighting other mobs, save your game whenever you get the chance.

The procedurally generated room system means you don't always know when the next safe room is. Progress is definitely the best feeling in a platform game, but dying for a goblin can be so frustrating that you want to leave Karthas. Remember that saving restores HP. However, it will not restore your stamina.

Don't forget to save the temple and magma chamber beforehand

If you're not too keen on saving during gameplay, at least save before entering the Temple and Magma Chamber. With the temple's teleportation system, you'll find that finding the safe room isn't as easy as it is in the rest of the game.

Although the Magma Chamber is the final area of ​​the game, be sure to save before exiting in case you later realize you left something behind.

Constantly upgrade your armor and weapons

Although the game has a classic platform, it definitely has a good variety of weapon and armor upgrades. However, you must rescue the house blacksmith to upgrade your weapons and armor, so be careful; If you don't redeem it, you won't get any upgrades.

It's also a good idea to start doing this a little later in the game, since you'll have a little less gold to loot at the start of the Abyss.

Use new weapons and armor

If you follow our last tip, you'll have enough gold to get new weapons through the crafting system, which you'll unlock after completing a couple of House Forge side quests.

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Between the crafting system, random challenges you'll find in the mines, and looting from enemies, you'll find great armor and weapons as you explore the depths of Karthas. Be sure to check the enemy loot as they hide the weapons you need.

The park needs a thorough inspection

You might think that the gardens are just one area that gets you from A to B, but if you look closely you will find all the spaces the gardens have to offer.

You don't want to run through the neighborhood before you get to the magma chamber as that seems like a huge disappointment for most players. First, take your time to explore the luxurious ruins surrounding Karthas. You will thank us later.

Possibly for grinding

Any experience-based leveling system involves some degree of looping. The Chasm is a game that will make you want to grind, especially early on, especially when you realize your base gear isn't very good.

So once you've found the right enemies to take out, go ahead and grind them up. You will be at eye level, and especially your partner.

Save the citizens

As soon as you arrive in Karthas, you will find that all the inhabitants of the mining towns have disappeared. During your mission you will have the opportunity to save the citizens. We recommend saving it as it will result in smoother operation

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You have three villages that will help you find mines. Blacksmith Dom upgrades your armor or weapons, Narina sells you magic items to help you find knowledge beneath the surface, and Vin lets you play slot machines for fun mini-games.

Or maybe you don't keep them at all

Based on our last entry, this might seem a little counterintuitive, but let's assume you've mastered Chasm and are looking for an extra challenge. There's one thing you can do to make things worse: don't save anyone in town.

Going this route will not give you any weapon upgrades, crafting skills, or magic items from Karthas. This will heavily affect your gameplay, meaning you'll have to rely on enemy loot and random trials to find new weapons and armor.

Complete these side quests when you save them

If you want to save the three villagers of Karthas, you'll find that you get side quests to fight for them. These quests offer the best benefits and give you a deeper understanding of the guild realm

For example, completing the Forge House quest unlocks crafting skills. This is the only way to unlock the best armor and weapons in the game. You should probably start looking for what the house needs from now on!

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