Community Newsletter: John XXIII Educational Center

Community Newsletter: John XXIII Educational Center

RACINE – The John XXIII Education Center, a ministry of St. Patrick Parish, has begun the 2022-2023 school year with a new outreach program coordinator.

Carla Gonzalez moved into the lead in mid-September. She coordinates outreach to social-emotional needs groups in local high schools. Each of the five groups represented has its own curriculum and vision. Schools can apply for five subjects or look for a new subject based on student needs. The center has served Racine County middle school groups since 2009. For more information about the Expression Program, email [email protected].

Back to dinner

Three years later, the center held its fall fundraiser/awards on Nov. 5 at Hickory Hall. Keynote speakers were Daniel Johnson of the Johnson Foundation; Ashley Smith, Dean of Our Lady of Grace Academy; and Gustavo Vargas, a high school student who attends the center. They discussed how the center's mission addresses educational needs at the state, local and individual levels.

People also read…

Since the last face-to-face meeting mentioned above, several individuals and organizations have been honored at this year's event. Three individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Center received the Shirley F. Heck Award of Excellence.

Former St. Patrick's Parish Priest Fr Anthony Primal Thomas was honored for his support of the center during his pastorate. Claire and Michael Wagner, who were key partners in the creation of the Center's English as a Second Language program for many years, received this award.

Notable companies SC Johnson Co. and Racine were the Dominican Sisters. The two organizations founded the center in 2009. Apart from informing the attendees about the current activities of the center, the officials of the center also thanked the charitable bodies of the center for their support.

A new initiative

We hope that from January 2023, John XXIII will lead a new initiative with Our Lady of Grace (OLOGA).

Since the center's inception, some families wanting to attend the center's evening activities have faced transportation and time constraints, making participation a challenge. Now, with the help of a local philanthropist, many local families can participate in the initiative to bring students downtown.

The plan is to transport students directly to the Giovanni XXIII Education Center through an independent transportation service provided by OLOGA. Families can pick up their children after childcare. The plan is to offer this new program two days a week with a maximum of nine students per day. Because of this, students who were previously unable to do so receive the academic, social and emotional support they need at the center. OLOGA is part of the greater Racine Catholic community, as well as St. Patrick's Parish and Center.

The donor appreciates

During the past three months, the center has received generous gifts or news. Johnson Company and Erica P. John receives word that the Family Foundation will receive gifts.

In addition, support was received from the United Way of Racine County, the Racine Community Foundation, the Lasallian Educational Opportunity Fund, and EC Steiberg. The debt also remains for donors who continue to support the mission on an annual or yearly basis.

The information

For more information about the center's comprehensive and ongoing services, visit or email For Spanish please contact [email protected].

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