Contenders Film: International Kicks Off Today With 29 Films, Oscar Submissions Galore

Contenders Film: International Kicks Off Today With 29 Films, Oscar Submissions Galore

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With nearly every major film festival physically returning to the first calendar year post-pandemic, 2022 has provided a huge morale boost for filmmakers around the world. And now, with the third installment of Competing Films Deadline: International kicking off on Saturday at 8:00 am, its reach has been further expanded: leaving a carbon footprint, our online event will showcase Sundance-grown films. , bewitching Berlin, mesmerizing Cannes, electrifying Telluride, enlivening Venice and dazzling Toronto, highlighting must-see films.

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As the number of submissions for the Academy Award for Best International Film continues to rise—nearly 30% more than just 10 years ago, helped, of course, by Parasite 's breakout success in 2019—it's hard to see where the race for awards is heading. Tonight's show is meant to speak to the stars, directors, producers and writers to help cut through the hype and get behind the scenes stories viewers want to know about the origins of the new Drive My Car .

This year it's an open field. Only Cannes next to Lukas Dont (Belgium), Joyland Sime Sadiq, Nostalgia Mario Martone (Italy), Park Chan-wook (South Korea) The Depart to Depart, Jerzy Skolymoski (Poland), Holy Spider Ali Abbasy Yeo (Denmark), Marie Kreutzer Corsage (Austria) and from Sweden Cairo Conspiracy Tariq Saleh (where he debuted as Boy from Heaven ).

From the Berlinale will come " Beautiful Creatures " by Michael Koch (Switzerland), Arnar Gudmundsson Gudmundura (Iceland) and Carla Simon (Spain), Alcar and Gabriel Martins (Brazil), as well as "Mars One " by Sundance from Marina Klondike . Calf (Ukraine). Venice, meanwhile, is represented by films such as Bardo by Alejandro González Iñárritu, The False Chronicles of a Handful of Truth (Mexico), The Box by Lorenzo Vigas (Venezuela), Saint Omer by Alice Diop, At Work : Missing » Erica Matti. 8 " . and Argentina, 1985 (Argentina) Santiago Mitre.

Toronto gave us Darin J. " Farha " Sallam (Jordan), All Quiet on the Western Front by Edward Berger (Germany), and Navy Sailor Gunnar Viken (Norway). Before reaching Cursed Asura by Lau Yang (Taiwan), Ajumma by He Suming (Singapore), Eternal Spring by Jason Loftus (Canada), Imi by Pan Encina (Paraguay) , Where the Wind Blows (Hong Kong) . Philip Young. , Last Picture Show by Pan Nali (India), The Silent Girl by Colm Byread (Ireland) and Anesthesia by Martin de Jong (Netherlands).

Like every year, this is an incredibly rich and varied work: thrillers, comedy-dramas and even mixed documentaries, touching on both global and personal topics. Whatever happens on March 12 next year, all these films have a place in the conversation.

Check out today's schedule and lineup of speakers below, and follow Deadline throughout the day to highlight our panels on the site and on our social media using the #DeadlineContenders hashtag. We're looking forward to Monday when we launch an event streaming site with a full video bar.

Competitor Film: International 2022

8:00 a.m. PT – opening remarks



Lorenzo Vigas (writer/director/producer) Michel Franco (producer) Hernan Mendoza (actor/producer)

The decision to leave

Park Chan Wook (Writer/Director)


Carla Simon (Writer/Director/EP)


quiet girl

Colm Barread (Writer/Director)

Saint Omar

Alice Diop (Writer/Director)

Aika Film


Vicki Cripps (actress)

Janus shows and movies


Jerzy Skolimowski (co-writer/director/producer) Ewk Piaskowska (co-writer/producer)



Lucas Dhunt (Writer/Director)


All is calm on the Western Front

Edward Berger (co-writer/director/producer) Felix Kamerer (actor) Daniel Brühl (EP/actor) James Friend (DP)

Bardo, a false chronicle of a handful of truths

Alejandro G. Iñárritu (co-writer/director/producer/co-editor/co-writer) Daniel Jiménez Cacho (actor)

Tomorrow is a holiday

film by Samuel Goldwyn

Latest movie reviews

Pan Nalin (Writer/Director/Producer/Producer) Bhavin Rabari (Actor) Dhir Momaya (Producer) Siddharth Roy Kapoor (Producer)

Cairo conspiracy

Tariq Saleh (Writer/Director)

wedding film

Sailors of war

Gunnar Viken (writer-director) Christopher Konner (actor) Paul Serverre Hagen (actor)

Moving picture of an oak tree


Martijn de Jong (co-writer/director) Thekla Rutten (actor)

Amazon exploration

Argentina, 1985

Santiago Mitre (director/writer/producer) Ricardo Darin (actor/producer)

Lunch break

Sky High Entertainment

eternal spring

Jason Loftus (director/producer) Dasyun (animator) Masha Loftus (EP)


holy spider

Ali Abbasi (writer/director/producer) Zar Amir-Ebrahimi (actor)

The study of reality by M.M.

At work: Absent 8

Eric Matti (Director)

Image of broken glass


Mario Martone (co-writer/director) Pierfrancesco Favino (actor)

giraffe picture


Anthony Chen (producer) He Shumin (co-writer/director)

bad movie


Saim Sadiq (co-writer/director/co-editor)



Darin J. Sallam (writer-director) Dima Azar (producer) Aya Zardane (producer)

lunch break



Marina Er Gorbach (screenwriter/director/producer/editor)

Hugofilm feature

A piece of heaven

Michael Koch (co-writer/director) Michel Brandt (actor)

Shrink Mars One Massive

Gabriel Martins (Writer/Director/Producer/Editor)

Film Digital Content Co., Ltd.

Damned demons

Lu Yi-An (Writer/Director/Editor) Singer Chen (Co-Writer/Editor)

Innocence has changed

beautiful creation

Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson (Writer/Director) Sturla Brandt Grövlen (DOP)

Mei Ah Entertainment Group

where the wind blows

Philip Jung (writer-director)

Louverture film


Paz Encina (Writer/Director/Producer) Javier Umpierrez (Chief Sound Engineer/Sound Designer/Mixer) Carlos Cortes Navarre (Sound Mixer)

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