Cracking The Code: The Best Practices For Marketers To Increase Customer Engagement With NoCodePowered Marketing Technology

Cracking The Code: The Best Practices For Marketers To Increase Customer Engagement With NoCodePowered Marketing Technology

As the modern world of technology evolves, the increasing importance of code-free solutions is an exciting and revolutionary achievement. The marketing automation landscape is no exception—it has changed dramatically in recent years as marketers move away from traditional package applications to a new generation of code-free tools.

Creatio, a global provider of code-free platforms for workflow automation and CRM, understands well the adoption of code-free technology in a rapidly changing business environment. I sat down with Creatio CEO Katerina Kostereva to crack the code of a customer experience strategy and discover the secret formula for success in this new era of code-free platform-based marketing.

Gary Drenik: Why isn't code part of every marketing team's technology stack?

Ekaterina Kostereva: According to various sources, it is known that in the coming years companies will have to create 500 million applications to meet their automation needs. To be honest, software developers can't do it alone. Many of these applications fall into the realm of marketing automation. It's no wonder there's no code in this area, as marketers around the world focus on time-to-market and the ability to do more with less.

So what is the code? It's a modern approach to software development that uses visual drag-and-drop tools to build business applications instead of traditional coding. Advanced no-code platforms have a wide range of components (building blocks with out-of-the-box functionality) that can be combined into an application. Business users can deploy applications and automate workflows without the need for deep technical skills or specialized knowledge. A no-code approach to the marketing function works surprisingly well; in most cases, marketers are clear about what needs to be done and enjoy the freedom to do it without the need for outside help. What marketing application can be created without code? A wide range, in fact, from applications for the management of customer data in the sector to the monitoring of digital assets.

Drenik: How can marketers better respond to changing markets and customer needs?

Kostereva: Do you agree that the current era aims to increase stability and speed? In addition to adopting good digital strategies, we need to be able to change from one day to the next if necessary. I think we have learned in recent years that nothing is permanent in the world except change. Code-free composable code architecture aims to prepare organizations entering the market for change. They're built to change the apps you use with a composable approach on a no-code platform. You can quickly set up workflows, add additional integrations, or even create a new app in a matter of days. This approach provides more freedom because marketers don't have to wait for IT to process a change request or help fulfill a specific need. They can take on many of these responsibilities (without compromising data protection and compliance) and provide immediate solutions. This approach allows companies to respond to customer needs and expectations faster than their competitors.

Drenik: How can a no-code CRM system help organizations better align data and people?

Kostereva : I think the answer lies in the question. We need to give the entire revenue service access to consolidated customer data and establish a transparent and secure process to collect, enrich and share data with the right parties at the right time. Everyone from marketing to sales to customer service needs to be able to see up-to-date customer information and use it to optimize personalization and customer outcomes. Modern no-code CRM solutions will enable interconnected customer data collection and workflows that enable handover and collaboration. Users should be able to benefit from timely information obtained at each stage of the interaction (for example, recommending the next best course of action while the platform suggests other actions to reduce the likelihood of increased conversion). A no-code approach gives revenue managers greater flexibility as they can change and adapt the process as they go along. Codeless CRM platforms aim to deliver value to end users through a high level of customization and intelligence delivered in automated workflows.

Drenik: How has the approach to digital transformation changed in recent years?

Kostereva: In many ways, digitization has moved from being a "recovery" issue on the leadership agenda to a top "survival" priority. More and more companies around the world are looking to digital automation as a way to improve the customer experience and thus stand out in the market. According to a recent study by Prosper Insights & Analytics, an average of 80% of mobile device users download apps directly to their phones using entertainment, lifestyle, retail and social media apps. This evolution in data access has led organizations to prioritize customer care, personalization and omnichannel experiences with industry-leading tools to deliver results quickly and seamlessly.

Smart organizations increase their autonomy by developing strong digital capabilities, investing in the latest technology (as opposed to code) and creating centers of excellence. Companies that are able to adopt no-code faster than their competitors can create a significant competitive differentiator by significantly increasing the number of resources involved in automation projects and reducing time to market.

They can launch workflows and applications in days or weeks, while competitors can take months or even years. It will be very interesting to see how markets evolve with the rapid introduction of new ways of deploying technology.

Drenik: After speaking with Katherine, the benefits of Codeless Marketing became clear to me, and I hope to help other marketers as well. Codeless CRM is changing the way marketers communicate with customers, breaking down barriers and opening new opportunities for innovation. As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, staying ahead and harnessing the power of codeless technology will be essential for companies looking to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment.

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