CSGO: 10 Tips & Tricks For Beginners

CSGO: 10 Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a highly competitive 5v5 team shooter where each player's decisions can mean the difference between victory and defeat. The best start for a new CS:GO player is to learn the mechanics of the game and develop good habits. Mastering these basics can improve your winning percentage and give you an edge in online matches.

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Whether you're new to CS:GO or just back from a vacation, check out these tips and tricks to help you maximize your team pool. Knowledge is power in CS:GO, increasing your knowledge of the game and building a solid foundation of fundamentals will help you succeed on your way to victory.


10/10 Implement strategy with your team

Communicate with your team during the procurement phase and plan. CS:GO's team design means that your actions have a strong impact on your team. You have to do not only what you want, but also what the team needs.

When all team members execute their part of the overall strategy, your team becomes stronger. The downtime before the start of a round is not only time to load up your loadout, but also time to strategize for the round. Timing before a round is critical to ensure team coordination, especially if the plan is to settle an area.

9/10 Be aware of everyone's economy and shop as a team

Managing your team's economy is an important part of winning rounds. Before purchasing weapons or utilities, review all of your teammate's available resources. Just because you have enough money to buy a full download doesn't mean you do.

With 5 fully loaded players in a squad, this is a huge lineup. If a team can only get 2 weapons, they are much weaker and have little chance of success. If you have enough money to buy a weapon but no team, you must save that money for the next round.

8/10 Share your vision with a challenge

Everyone has different perspectives and sharing your knowledge with the team can make the team stronger. Your teammates don't have the same intelligence as you, chasing different locations and engaging enemies in other areas of the map. This will increase your teammates' knowledge of the map as you tell them about enemies you've seen, areas you've cleared, and utilities you've seen.

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The more information you have, the more you determine how you play. Do you need to watch your wing, is there a free area to turn, should you enter carefully or run away? These questions can be answered with frequent calls from the team.

7/10 Use your service to your advantage

Utilities are essential to success in CS:GO, using them effectively can lead your team to victory. Smoke, flames, grenades, and incendiary shells can seal off the area, disrupt it, and destroy the enemy. When your Mirage terrorist team advances on the passage to Area B, a well-timed smoke for the window and connector will make the path less dangerous.

After that, if you set fire to both the bench and the market, your team should plant the bombs and prepare to defend. Strategies that use utilities are incredibly difficult to stop and are easier to win than rush or spread.

6/10 Watch out for beeps

Moves, weapons, and utilities generate beeps that can alert your opponents. It is important to be aware of the signals you are creating and use hostile sounds against them. Running, jumping and falling from a fairly long distance make noise.

However, crouching, walking, bending are silent. Weapon firing, reloading, scope zooming, and switching between automatic and burst fire modes are audible, but cycling between equipped weapons is not. A grenade makes a sound when it explodes or hits a surface, but throwing a grenade doesn't make a sound.

5/10 Check every nook and cranny

As you move forward to clear a new area, look for enemies from every new angle and don't cheat around the corner. Call of Duty newcomers should also take note of this tip. Enemies rarely hide in the open, usually cornering them hoping you'll run away without digging deep enough to find them.

The safest way to navigate the map is to check each corner slowly and methodically. It's never fun to get shot because you're rushing to scout, and it's even worse when your teammates get killed because they think you're controlling the turn you're taking.

4/10 Make every life count, trading kills

Even if you hide, you'll gain valuable intelligence to share with your team. The rest of your teammates can take advantage of knowing how you died and at best kill your cat.

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Someone has to get out the door first, but that person usually dies first. If a death reveals the location of an enemy, that death can still help the team. Be sure to use each death as an opportunity to gain valuable clues about how and where you died.

3/10 Don't fall too fast, pin the page

If you are acting as a counter-terrorist and are only defending a bomb site, make sure someone else sees the bomb before you leave your site. Just seeing an enemy or help doesn't mean opponents have access to the bomb site.

Sending a terrorist or two to make noise is an effective strategy to cause excessive rotation against terrorism. If no one closes the site, too much rotation can make the site vulnerable. Make sure opponents don't try to disrupt your team before they clear the bookmark slot.

2/10 Study your maps and fogs

Learning the facts and results of each card can increase your influence in games. Each map has unique assets, favorite hiding spots, and blind spots. Prioritizing your movement to control high traffic areas will give you an edge in combat.

Throwing a smoke bomb from a safe place to create a safe passage to a better place is a powerful perk. If you know where your opponents might be hiding, use smoke to block their view and gain an advantage. Memorizing fog compositions is one of the few ways to gain an advantage over any opponent.

1/10 Cross positioning is key

Always keep your aim at head level when moving around the map – this is the best way to improve as a beginner. Sometimes you only get a bullet or two out of your weapon before the duel with the enemy is over.

It's tempting to reduce the number of intersection points when running between locations or entering an area you think is free. However, if two players catch each other, the player whose cross is already level with the head is likely to win the draw. Make it a habit to always keep him ready for a headshot and don't let him wander aimlessly across the screen, even if it feels like you've never been in battle.

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