Cultural Review: From Celebrity Spectacle To Art In Conflict, Here Are The Moments That Shaped 2022

Cultural Review: From Celebrity Spectacle To Art In Conflict, Here Are The Moments That Shaped 2022

Fiona Sinclair Scott, Jackie Palumbo, Leah Dolan , Oscar Holland, CNN

In the year If 2021 saw a temporary return to in-person meetings and social gatherings, 2022 looks like a more confident return to life as we know it. The worst years of the Covid-19 pandemic have passed in many parts of the world, although there is no shortage of major events to keep us going.

The war in Ukraine and the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade Legalization of abortion in the United States, severe weather from severe flooding to an unprecedented heat wave, human rights protests in Iran and global economic uncertainty – the world needs no less in 2022 Art, fashion and culture Important statements and important distractions They are well established.

Scroll down to revisit some of the year's most memorable cultural moments and themes.

Culture in conflict

One of seven murals by British street artist Banksy depicts a gymnast on the wall of an apartment building in Borodyanka, Kyiv region, northern Ukraine. Photo : Oleksandra Butova/Ukrinform/Future Publishing/Getty Images

In the year When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, the country's artistic and cultural heritage was immediately threatened. Representatives of the public and cultural sectors rushed to cities across the country to protect museums and monuments from monument sandbag attacks. A number of paintings by Maria Primachenko, a self-taught artist and icon of Ukrainian national identity of the 20th century, have reportedly been destroyed by Russian troops in an attack on a museum in her hometown of Ivankovo.
But while some works of art have sadly disappeared, new works have been created – like the Seven Banksy Wall Murals – that convey a message of restoration. Unexpectedly, Ukraine is still participating in the Venice Biennale in April, Pavel Makov's source of fatigue, the installation of 78 bronze funds that pay a single flow of water until the flow decreases.

Maria Lanko, a Ukrainian analyst who spoke to CNN about the exhibition, believes that "art has this symbolic potential to celebrate people's lives and show that we are still here – to show that Ukraine is a victim of war."

Artists around the world have used art to rebel against governments and their own policies. In October, Xisheng Wu, a 28-year-old art school graduate, took to New York's Times Square in a 27-layer hazmat suit to criticize China's strict policies to eradicate Covid-19. "I want to use this as an example for every Chinese who is immersed in the political tide," he said.

The view of Iran

Artist Alexandru Palumbo painted a mural of Marge Simpson cutting her hair in protest against Iran and the assassination of Mahsa Amin at the gates of the Islamic Republic of Iran's consulate. Credit : AGF/Universal Images Group

In September, protesters around the world became part of a political protest, chanting slogans against the death of Mohsa Amin, who died in the Iranian capital Tehran and was arrested by the Iranian government. Deputy police in the region. Wearing the wrong hijab. The provocative act of cutting hair and burning scarves in the street challenges the regime's repressive laws against women, including compulsory veiling in public.

Together, the artists responded in different ways, posting a picture of Marge Simpson modeling her famous blue hull on social media.

A large photo of 16-year-old Iranian Nika Shakarami, who was found dead in protests in Tehran in December, was taken at Franklin D. Roosevelt for Freedom State Park. More than 300 protesters stood in waves to mimic the shaking locks and Shah Karami's face painted on the crinoline. The installation was part of a larger series of art commissions called "Views of Iran."

Motherhood is like a haw couter.

A swollen belly was Adriana Lima's sexiest accessory on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. Credit: Samer Hussain / WireImage/Getty Images

In January, Rihanna announced that she was expecting her first child with A$AP partner Rocky, announcing the news with a photo shoot that showed off the star's belly in a 1996 Chanel pink jacket adorned with Christian Lacroix embellishments.

Later that year, when Rihanna graced the cover of Vogue's May issue in a red lace jumpsuit and gorgeous stilettos, she expressed her disdain for the elastic belts that many would expect of her: “When I found out I was pregnant, I was like, , 'no. You can't buy it in the birth aisle. "I'm sorry, the dress is very interesting," she said. "I don't allow this part because my body is changing."
Adriana Lima walked the Cannes Film Festival red carpet in a black Balmain wrap dress that perfectly hugged her pregnant belly. Baby fever was also felt on the runways, from Olivier Rousteing's collection to Jean-Paul Gaultier, all-leather corsets with sculpted baby bellies, to model Maggie Maurer, Nancy Dojak to announce her pregnancy in summer 2022. .

Art and business

The Blue Marilyn Shot by Andy Warhol became the most expensive work of art of the 20th century sold at Christie's. Credit : Dia Dipasupil/ Getty

Auctions are back in full force, with some great sales. In November, the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's art collection (which includes works by George Swarth, Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cézanne) sold at auction for more than $1.6 billion, the largest sale in auction history.
Earlier this year, Andy Warhol's "Shot Sage Blue Marilyn" sold for $195 million, making it the most expensive work of art of the 20th century. Meanwhile, Man Ray's Violin Ingress became the world's most expensive film at $12.4 million. 20th-century Dutch artist Piet Mondrian achieved a personal best with one of his most famous abstract works sold at auction for $51 million.

Disturbances in the Metaverse

After Gucci's temporary Roblox experience attracted 20 million visitors, the luxury fashion house built a permanent in-game marketplace, "Gucci Town." Credit : Gucci/Roblox

While futuristic virtual worlds loomed on the horizon last year, with hundreds of billions of dollars raised by tech companies, luxury brands and venture capitalists, the metaverse is going strong in 2022. But it was far from smooth. Meanwhile, gaming platform Roblox continues to attract millions of visitors with its fashion and luxury projects, while Meta has struggled to create a digital world people want to hang out in. With the global economic outlook deteriorating, cryptocurrencies collapsing and mass layoffs, mass adoption of virtual worlds may not happen as quickly and smoothly as we'd like. But with technological advancements and limitless creativity in space, everyone is looking to 2023 to see what's next.

New girl

Elaine Jo (left) and Julia Fox (right) have been at the forefront of pop culture this year.

In the year In 2022, many new faces will join established influencers in helping to relaunch the idea of ​​the nerd girl. While the Chinese zodiac describes it as the year of the tiger, in some ways it was like the year of the fox. In January, Julia Fox appeared on our social media at Paris Fashion Week — arm in arm with Kanye West in a matching double-jeans Schiaparelli look and her now-designer black eyeliner — and never left. . She quickly established herself as celebrity fashion's "scary child," rejecting low-cut pants and dying her hair at age 32 in the name of aging.
But not all his daughters should be strange like Fox. This year, Zendaya has been aided by award-winning stylist and collaborator Lou Roach to maintain her flawless looks on the red carpet. The fashion-savvy actress once again coined the term "hot show" when she wore Lowe's ahead of the September issue. Chinese-American figure skater Ellen Guo, who has quietly made a name for herself in the fashion industry, is set to become a luxury fashion star in 2022. Her bilingualism, athleticism at the Beijing Winter Olympics and her apolitical stance on controversial issues are among the many reasons she continues to fascinate both Asian and Western audiences in China.

Tribute to Marilyn Monroe

Kim Kardashian made headlines when she arrived at the Met Gala wearing a historic crystal-encrusted dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in 1962 when she sang "Happy Birthday" to President John F. Kennedy. Credit : John Shearer/Getty Images

Marilyn Monroe's very short and turbulent life has provided endless fodder for film, television and fashion, but two prestigious awards this year have forced many to rethink how the actress and model is remembered. After months of derision for Anna de Armas' macabre turn to Monroe in Andrew Dominic's Blonde, a dramatic and somewhat revealing portrayal of her life based on Joyce Carol Oates' novel, critics labeled the shocking film exploitative. But another honor was the surprise return of Kim Kardashian's "Happy Birthday Monroe" dress, which the reality star coordinated for her Met Gala appearance in May. Amidst accusations that Kardashian messed up the image, Ripley said, "Believe it or not!" Who owns the thing, but many still miss the important piece of historical clothing they wore.

Beyoncé has announced disco season.

All seven of Beyoncé's albums, Renaissance, have featured beautiful images and costumes from Alaia, Gucci, Rick Owens and Schiaparelli. Beyonce's photo .

Before Beyoncé released Renaissance, her highly-anticipated seventh album and follow-up to Lemonade, the Beyhive correctly predicted that the queen would be playing disco and house this summer. Within 24 hours, she released "Break My Soul," a cover of Robin C.'s 90s hit "Show Me Love." The two photos of Beyoncé on horseback were direct references to the same image of New York. Studio 54: Bianca Jagger rides the famous nightclub White Mountain. Working with producers like Chicago native Honey Dijon and sampling hits like Donna Summer's dynamic hit "I Feel Love," Beyoncé made fun summer music with a '70s look.

Loss in the world of fashion

Andre Leon Talley, who died on January 18, gave a Q&A about Andrew Gospel in 2018 at the 21st annual ESCAD Savannah Film Festival. Credit : Cindy Ord/Getty Images

The fashion industry has said goodbye to many influential people. Andre Leon Talley, former Vogue creative director and industry pioneer known for his unmatched style, died on January 18 at the age of 73. Red carpets – she died at the same age. Isse Miyake, one of Japan's most important creative visionaries, died in Paris in August at the age of 84.

Hop, jump and jump again

Musicians Dua Lipa and Meghan T Stallion rewrote pop culture history when they wore the same Versace dress to the Grammy Awards. Credit : Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

Did Kaia Gerber walk the red carpet in tribute to '90s model (and mom) Cindy Crawford, or did Kate Bush's 1985 classic 'Running Down the Hill' have a revival for Netflix's "Stranger Things" this year? About looking back. too many. The one you've been waiting for.
At the Grammy Awards in April, Meghan Markle Stallion and Dua Lipa created an iconic moment in pop culture history when they took the stage in the same Versace gown — back in 2011. A faux fashion nod for the VMAs in 1998 with Mariah Carey and Whitney. Houston.
Archive fashion also dominated the red carpet. Emily Ratajkowski In May 1992, she wore a beaded Versace look to the Met Gala, and YouTube star Emma Chamberlain wore a 1911 Cartier tiara. Last November, Kylie Jenner wore a 1995 Mugler Couture dress when she arrived at the opening of the Thierry Mugler Couture Show at the Brooklyn Museum.

Culture is not condemned by death

In the days and weeks after her death in September, no one could resist the image of an immortal queen. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Images/Getty Images

While much of the public, the media, and the royal family were on edge, when the news of Queen Elizabeth II's death broke on September 8, it was no less surreal. Between his death and his royal funeral, newspapers around the world focused on news reports, and his legacy was honored with the depth and enthusiasm of a rare historical figure. It was impossible to resist her image, because she was immortalized by artists and photographers all over the world. She is Britain's longest-reigning monarch and a symbol of courage, diplomacy and stability. She is known for her pep talks, arts and culture support, artful diplomacy and more. But her death has brought back poignant memories of Britain's often violent colonial era, as critics of the old empire seek to contextualize the pages of tributes to a woman many see as a symbol of oppression.

Art with movement

This year, climate protesters approached the march in different ways. In October, Just Stop Oil launched cans of tomato soup at the Vincent van Gogh "Sunflowers" exhibition at London's National Gallery. Credit : Just Stop Oil/The Hand/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

After a Louvre visitor painted on the Mona Lisa earlier this summer, 2022 was the year no artwork was safe. Among the many masterpieces targeted by climate change protesters are paintings by Gustav Klimt, Pablo Picasso and Sandro Botticelli (some of which are framed).

Britain's Just Stop Oil, which hopes to end future fossil fuel licensing, is behind a series of events including a tomato soup attack on Vincent van Gogh's sunflowers. Climate campaigners across Europe have followed suit by targeting Claude Monet's 'Hay Ball with Mashed Potatoes' to protestors in Germany as Belgian painters team up with Johannes Vermeer's 'Girl with Pearl Ears'.
Since then, some of the protesters have been sentenced to prison terms and the actions that have caused great division are critical. Some critics believe that the activists' actions end up alienating the public and harming their cause. However, studies show that even then, the decline in the support of the demonstrators did not affect the support for their demand.

All the world is a stage.

Bella Hadid's latest look at Paris Fashion Week at Cooperny's show in October was revealed by Sprikan. Photo : Julien de Rosa/AFP/Getty Images

From Heidi Klum's nightmarish giant worm costume to her famous Halloween party and Olivia Wilde's Don't Worry Darling press tour has become sexier than the movie, the red carpet moments and track that took the Internet by storm this year were even weirder. And more theatrical than ever. Twitter is obsessed with the latter: Did Harry Styles really spit on fellow actor Chris Pine?

At Paris Fashion Week in October, Bella Hadid was at the center of one of the most talked-about moments in the fashion world of the year. The model is locked in for French label Coperny for spring/summer 2023, though her latest outfit comes after walking the catwalk. The factory white dress, which was sprayed on her body by two scientists, was sculpted in 10 minutes by a stunned audience.

The return of the famous wedding

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden attend the wedding of Peter Neal and Naomi Biden Neal on the South Lawn on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2022. Presented by : Adam Shul'ts/Белый дом.

Weddings with a big return in 2022

We were treated to not one, but three weddings of Travis Parker and Kourtney Kardashian — the first was a casual ceremony at a church in Las Vegas in April, followed by a courtroom wedding in Santa Barbara the following month and, finally, a lavish Dolce-style ceremony. And the Italian theme of Gabbana in Portofino over the weekend.
Brooklyn Becky and Nikola Pelts also got married in May, and Pelts was dressed in a luxurious dress, vide. Then followed the long-awaited feud between Britney Spears and the country, Menchem Cherez G. After that, it took more than 700 hours to create Spears Versace's dress. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck revived their 90s romance and enjoyed it in August. Похожие песни Sluchachu Lopes Semenila Titri Nariada, Vikalshaya Swadebnoe Platte, Kotore Rael Lorraine Sishil Zaka.

American Brand Taxi Stal Povodom Dlya Romkogo Torsetva v Atom Gudu. Naomi Biden, the great-granddaughter of the president, married Peter Neal on the South Lawn of the White House last November, wearing a dress with long lace sleeves from Ralph Lauren.

Взлет и падение Balenciaga

Kanye West opened the Balenciaga show in October during Fashion Week in Paris. С тех пор Уэст бил кличнен о лейба песол серия натисемитски собщены в Интетет. 1 credit

Balenciaga spent most of the year making a splash with its long-awaited catwalk shows, from the debut of Kim Kardashian (before the epidemic) to the appearance of Kanye West on the dirty Parisian catwalk. But 2022 turned out to be painful for the Spanish brand, as it tried its best to contain the consequences of two extremely problematic advertising campaigns.

Во-Первых, бренду Просмотров ивиниться за то, что на фотоссии Then Balenciaga announced a lawsuit (now defunct) against the production company for another advertising campaign after it found documents about the ruling of the Supreme Court on child pornography in one of the photos.

Знаменитость ким кардашян осудила рекламу Плюевогом Тем Временем журнал Fashion business охвіл об отменен кПной Премии

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