Cursed To Golf Beginners Guide: 8 Tips And Tricks

Cursed To Golf Beginners Guide: 8 Tips And Tricks

Cursed to Golf is an incredibly challenging game. In addition to tackling some of the scariest 2D golf courses the world has ever seen, you'll have to clear all 18 holes while staying level. If you fail even one course, you will be sent back to the beginning. To make matters worse, every time you fail, the layout of the course changes, bringing new hazards and obstacles.

If you need help processing Cursed to Golf requests, you're not alone. Eight tips to help you beat Greenskeeper and win the game.

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use a bird's eye view

A player using Birdie View in Cursed to Golf. © Provided by Digital Trends Player using Birdie View in Cursed to Golf.

Because the holes in Cursed to Golf cover some distance, you should use Birdie View liberally. This allows you to explore the entire map before taking a picture. There's no limit to how many times you can use the skill, so make sure to dive into Birdie View before each shot.

Plan a few shots in advance

Birdie View isn't just useful for live action. It can also be used to schedule multiple shots in sequence. For example, you may find that you can go two ways to get to the hole, but one way seems more difficult than the other. Birdie View will help you determine if the extra effort is worth it or if you should stick with the easy way out.

Cut idols are your best friends

The same idol is placed between two water traps. © Digital Trends The same idol is placed between two ponds

Shot idols are scattered around each hole. Hit them with the golf ball and you get two extra shots (four shots if it's a gold idol). These should be high on your priority list, you'll always need more than the five hits given at the start of each level. But sometimes you find that chasing an idol is more difficult than it's worth. If the current position of the ball means you're going to use more shots than all allowed, consider it a lost cause and move on with your day.

Plan the use of your Ace card

A player who receives Ace cards in Cursed to Golf. © Digital Trends Player receiving Ace cards in Cursed to Golf.

Ace cards are actually viruses in Cursed to Golf . They do all this by stopping the ball in the air to get a mulligan. Don't be afraid to use them if they help you get through a hole quickly, but remember that they don't refresh at the end of each round. This means that the Ace cards you used on the first hole will not return on the second hole (unless you encounter a shop on the way to your destination). If playing an ace gives you only a small advantage, keep it in your deck for later.

You can come back

It's inevitable: you'll miss an important shot at some point. However, Cursed to Golf gives you pause because you can back off before the shot. After choosing the power you put behind your shot, you can go back and try again before hitting the ball. To do this, right-click on your computer or click Cancel on other platforms. This gives you an easy way to try different power settings and see where the ball will land before you officially swing your club.

Buy Ace cards that complement your playing style

There are a variety of unique maps to help you beat the odds and finish each hole evenly. But not all of them will suit your playing style or be applicable in many situations. For example, Mulligan is a powerful card to always have in your deck because it allows you to get back on a losing streak. Others are more status quo, such as the ability to take out TNT, so make sure you spend your money wisely and stock up on cards that showcase your golfing style.

Have a backup plan

A golfer hitting a long drive © Provided by Digital Trends A golfer hits a long drive

Even if you can go back on your plans, you will find yourself in a less than ideal situation. When this happens, you need to make sure you have a backup plan. Before each stroke, learn what to do if the stroke is too short or too long. If your shot is terrible, find out if playing an ace mulligan is the right move. Players without much of a safety plan often make dangerous shots and pay the price when they are inches away.

Master bench kick

Don't be afraid to hit your golf ball into the wall. You won't see where the path will end (it makes for a bit of a risky maneuver), but sometimes the easiest way to get past a nearby obstacle or grab an idol is to fire at another surface. Get it right and you'll remove some functionality from your page.

take your shots

Tutorial menu explaining how Spin works in Cursed to Golf. © Digital Trends tutorial menu explaining how Spin works in Cursed to Golf.

If you miss your shots, you'll have a hard time with Cursed to Golf . Spin is a technique that allows the ball to hit the ground in any direction. This allows you to bounce over obstacles or add a few yards to your shots. It can also be used to move the ball backwards, allowing it to pass through a hole or other obstacle before changing direction. There is a short tutorial on this technique, but be sure to follow the tutorial and practice it on all 18 holes.

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