Dead By Daylight: 10 Tips & Tricks For Playing Survivor

Dead By Daylight: 10 Tips & Tricks For Playing Survivor

Playing Dead by Daylight as a survivor is not for the faint of heart. You should analyze the situation very well and know what to do on the spot. In addition, you should use add-ons and suggestions whenever you encounter problems. Let's not even get into the endless benefits available. When you first start playing, it's easy to get frustrated.

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Exploring the game and pursuing the insane, terrifying killer is what makes Dead by Daylight such an exciting adventure. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to help you turn a bad survivor into a savior.


10 Identify the killer

It goes without saying that you have an advantage if you know the killer you're dealing with. Every Dead by Daylight assassin has a weakness, although some are easier to exploit than others. For example, Ghost Face is an assassin who uses the Night Shroud , which allows him to hunt down survivors without a terror radius. When Ghost Face shows you 100%, you can be knocked down in one hit. To combat this, the survivors must first face Ghostface. After all, you can't track the survivor if someone else sees you.

If you know the killer, you can develop a strategic plan against him. You can use the weakness to give the team enough time to finish the generators. Scan the map to understand the assassin's abilities (assuming you don't already know them). Are there aura lit objects (like tombs or chests)? Also, consider prompting the killer to hunt down or follow another survivor. The key to victory is to outperform the assassin, this works best when you know their unique abilities.

9 Choose favorable conditions

There is no perfect advantage, but there is a good advantage for everyone. Each survivor has their own specialty. You are better off healing and creating generators than approaching the assassin to distract them. Either way, choose perks that enhance the talents you already have. For example, beginners tend to play stealthily. A few perks that are perfect for this build:

  • iron will. If you injure yourself, your pain is reduced by 100%.
  • trembling in the back. If the assassin is facing you at 36 meters, you will hear a beep. While Spine Chill is active, gain 6% haste to recover, distract, and heal. Skill check chances are increased by 10% and achievement bars are reduced by 10%.
  • Fast and quiet. Jumping and peeling noises are reduced by 100%. The effect triggers every 20 seconds

Always take the time to read and learn new benefits. You have four bonus slots and you can create many different builds. Survivors with an intelligent constitution always literally drive the killers away.

8 Save the map

Memorizing a map is difficult, especially if you're very careful not to get caught. However, knowing the location of the map, the survivors will do whatever they can to move and distract the killer. He also introduces the survivors to the location where the generators usually spawn. Always try to memorize cards, especially ones favoring assassins. Maps like Dead Dawg Saloon and Midwich Elementary School are examples of ideal maps for assassins, even with a large team.

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Quickly analyze maps by exploring the area before and after completing the generator. When looking for a generator, pay attention to where pallets, windows and cabinets are located. The killer can catch you at any time. Get ready by planning your next running route.

7 Be selfless

As the old saying goes, teamwork makes dreams come true. It's easy to get carried away building generators to the point where one (or all) of your teammates is left on the last hook.

Track how many times your teammates have been attacked and distract the assassin yourself to help him. The ultimate goal of Dead by Daylight is escape for you and all your teammates. If you don't sacrifice yourself, sometimes it can mean the collapse of the entire team.

6 Be careful with closets

Shelves may seem safe, but in the case of a clever assassin, they can be quite dangerous. If the killer is nearby, the racks give a clear signal. You have assassins who often use lockers to pick up or teleport weapons, like Dredge. It's best to only use lockers when you have a win or need to quickly hide from an assassin.

As assassins know, keeps are generally considered dangerous to survivors and beneficial when used strategically. Most killers will not search the lockers for survivors until they see a lead. Let's say you're working on a generator and a killer approaches you. Go slow (don't go in too fast), hide in the closet and wait for the killer to leave. After that, you can turn off the generator without the assassin knowing you're there.

5 Avoid dead zones

Dead zones are areas of the map that have virtually no palette, windows, or cabinets. The worst dead zones are those near the generator. If the killer finds you, you will be in big trouble. Avoid the generators in these areas to combat this.

You only have to fill five of the eight generators, leaving you with other options that might be safer. Windows of opportunity help you avoid dead zones. This perk reveals the aura of nearby pallets and windows. So if you ever get into trouble, rely on this perk to get you through it.

4 additional packs

Additional features aren't always available, but they're useful when you have them. For example, with a flashlight, you can blind a murderer in a matter of seconds. This ensures you have enough time to escape if you mix them up properly. The most effective way to damage the assassin is to break the baseboard or jump out of the window.

The Medkit app will be useful for all survivalists, especially stealth-oriented players. You can't heal yourself in Dead by Daylight if you don't have medicine or if you (or your teammate) don't have a poison totem activated on the map. If you are under attack and the killer loses you, you can heal yourself without having to rely on others. This saves time preparing generators and reduces the possibility of dependencies.

3 Look around

It seems like a simple task, but it's easier said than done when you're being pursued or facing an assassin who doesn't have a shred of fear. Many survivors can be caught working on a generator, jumping, or rescuing a teammate on a grappling hook.

To avoid this, make sure to view the entire screen. Survivors have a third-person benefit and Killers have a first-person benefit. So if you always know where the killer is, you can avoid him by hiding in his blind spots.

2 Take the curl

Grinding means using pallets, windows, cabinets, and even objects on the map to distract or evade the assassin. Those who are not prepared beforehand will have a hard time handling the ring as the assassin can easily kill you. Practice makes perfect though, and that's what makes Dead by Daylight so interesting. The Loop is a puzzle game that you play with Killer. You both try to outsmart each other tactically and the smarter plan wins.

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The best place to use Looping is in the Map Hut . A shack is a house found on most open maps. It has two entrances, one with a palette and a window. The cabin is considered one of the safest places on the map. If you know where to go, you can circle the assassin around the shack throughout the game. However, be aware that some exterminators set traps in this area, so be careful.

1 Do you prefer generators or find a hatch

Not all Dead by Daylight games run smoothly. You will have times when your entire team will be wiped out. You will also have moments where the assassin kills your teammate, which can go wrong very quickly. In such meetings, it is best to assess the situation. A hatch is another way to escape, but it only opens if the survivor survives. You don't need to fill the generators for the door to spawn. This escape gives the survivor one last chance to win, as the killer is likely to be guarding both exit doors. It is usually located at the very bottom of the map and makes a distinctive sound similar to that of a portal.

If your teammates are dead and you have more than one generator, find Luke. When you're done with the generators and you're near the exit, carefully open the door. However, when the assassin gets close to the doors, discard the plan and find Hatch. There's nothing more satisfying than winning with Hatch, so honor your teammates with a well-played Hatch win.

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