Dead Island 2 Tips And Tricks For Zombie Slaying Success

Dead Island 2 Tips And Tricks For Zombie Slaying Success

Looking for Dead Island 2 tips? Dead Island 2's campaign may seem like a fun journey through sunny hell, but in fact there are many complications and obstacles to overcome. Our guide to the best items, locations, and mechanics will help you succeed in action games.

There's an incredible amount of collectibles and collectibles in Dead Island 2, and tons of ability cards and blueprints are just the start. The more you find, the more you can customize your game and the easier it will be to defeat the most menacing zombies in Dead Island 2. Sure, some of them can be found during the main story missions, but others are hard to find. so we're going to show you where to find them, the hidden things, and more in these Dead Island 2 tips and tricks that we wish we'd known when we started.

A bright red Disaster Relief Crate, which holds good items, which we recommend opening in our Dead Island 2 tips.

Unlock areas and open chests for the best loot.

As you explore Los Angeles, Dead Island 2 weapons lie scattered throughout, from makeshift weapons like scaffolding poles and golf clubs to more devastating superior weapons for you to collect later. However, the best weapons are usually hidden in locked chests and rooms, so take the time to look around. Look for red Disaster Relief Chests, which might contain some decent weapons with no keys or special items needed. If not, look behind every door you can.

Dead sland 2 tips: Pick up fuses, like the one shown in the image, from traders in order to unlock special rooms.

backup supplies

That's why you should have your fuses handy in Dead Island 2. Valveless fuse boxes are marked on your Dead Island 2 map, and while you can play through the entire story without one of them, some of the best items in Zomproof Slayer Hoard's chests are in the rooms. A limited number of tubes can be purchased from resellers and while expensive, they are among the best things money can buy.

Dead Island 2 tips: Kill named zombies, like Phil in this image, to get special items.

Kill named zombies to get special items.

Named zombies offer another way to find special items and weapons, as they can drop keys or other important resources. While killing zombies in your name might be a bad thing, at least you have a good reason to do it. Some of these zombies are part of the story, so you should get rid of them by default. However, others only appear if you return to previous areas of the map, and while their special items aren't required to complete the game, they can provide you with some nice loot to carry along with them. One of them is Crystal the Lawyer, who drops the Dead Island 2 Sanctum Key from Curtis when he is killed.

Travel the world to find collectibles and blueprints.

Still on topic: keep an eye out for special items, don't forget to look everywhere. HELL-A is a very big place, and while Dead Island 2 may be a very linear game for the most part, it's a semi-open world in some respects. You can explore the Venice Beach boardwalk, the back streets of Ocean Avenue, or the subway cars for additional items. Some of these are journal entries you can fill out there, but don't delete them if you don't, as you may find weapon perks, ability cards, or blueprints in Dead Island 2 where you least expect them.

Dead Island 2 tips: A zombie taunted by Alexa Game Control, with the words "zombie taunted" in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Use Alexa Game Control for multitasking

Alexa Game Control is a new mechanic that debuted with Dead Island 2, and as such it's not without its problems. However, it can still be very useful, especially if you sometimes feel overwhelmed with keystrokes or want to save time and multitasking while slicing zombie pumpkins.

Enable Alexa Game Control in the settings menu and link your game to your Alexa account to use the feature, then you can shout commands into the microphone. It honestly adds a nice immersion value to the game, especially when you boo the zombies with "Hey, come get me!" Outsmarting zombies works well, letting you scatter enemies when you're ready, as long as you're close enough to hear yourself. However, some of the other voice controls aren't that great. According to the Tutorials menu, you can use Alexa to set coordinates and switch weapons, which is something we've struggled with so far, but it will be a game changer when that gets fixed in the next few days. In the meantime, we still recommend yelling at zombies just for fun, and you can also use voice commands to text your co-workers without having to interrupt your work.

Dead Island 2 tips: Carla approaches Bruno on Venice Beach in co-op, who puts his thumb up in agreement.

Lower level players cooperative progress will be saved

Speaking of co-op, there are some very important things you need to know before diving into multiplayer matches with friends. Cooperative Dead Island 2 isn't a standalone mode, as your campaign progress stays the same whether you're alone or with other players. Instead, start where the player has made the least progress.

We recommend that you don't play with friends right away unless you're more or less in the same place or are willing to lose some progress. You won't lose save progress, but if you progress further in co-op than you did before, pick up where you left off. For example, if you are on task six when you join a game with a friend on task four, and you advance to task eight together, your friend will keep that progress while you return to task six.

Perhaps the best way to play with friends is to play together from the start, team up with someone who needs help, or spend some time trying out new items that you may not have collected since they are in your inventory are saved.

Our Dead Island 2 tips suggest increasing the FOV to see more zombies, image shows a wide beach vista with multiple zombies in front of you.

Change your field of view when you get tired of sudden attacks

As you walk past the immaculate home in Bel Air or stroll down the sunny sidewalk in Santa Monica, zombies can attack you from any angle. A good tip to avoid surprises is to wear headphones as you can hear the focused moans and moans of nearby enemies. However, if that's not enough to keep you from going insane jumping over zombies (which can be very frustrating with some of the more powerful zombie variants), try increasing your field of view. Well, technically it won't stop zombies from spawning behind you, but you'll be able to see a lot more on your terminal screen.

So here are our Dead Island 2 tips and tricks to get you started in HELL-A. The most important piece of advice you can take from this is to take what you see, it will come in handy later. To learn more about what it's like to play a zombie game, check out our Dead Island 2 review, and while it might not be one of the best games on PC, it's definitely one of the funniest.

Complete Guide to The Dead Island 2 Zombies

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