Denver Film Festival Celebrates 45 Years, More Than 225 Films

Denver Film Festival Celebrates 45 Years, More Than 225 Films

Over the course of 12 days, Denver Film will host 4 red carpet events, as well as feature, documentary, short film, music video, immersive and virtual reality programming. Round tables, parties, contests are held.

"Our opening film is 'Armageddon Time', the new film from James Gray with Anthony Hopkins, Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong from 'Sexation', so it will be a great opportunity to open the festival," he said. CEO of Denver Films.

The festival begins with the opening night of the Eli Caulkins Opera House before Armageddon Time. Other red carpet events include Sam Mendes' Empire of Light; The Screamer's Greatest Night follows the career of Reverend Al Sharpton. and final presentation.

“Our graduation film is Sarah Polley's new film about women, and it's an all-star cast. It's one of the best films I've seen all year, so I think it's going to be a great way to end the festival,” Smith said. CBS News Colorado's Karen Lee.

Irish actor Jamie Dornan at the 44th Denver Film Festival 2021 CBS © 2021 by CBS Denver Irish actor Jamie Dornan presented at the 44th Denver Film Festival. CBS

The festival will feature 15 special events, including She Said, which explores the extent of sexual assault in Hollywood and the journalism that supports the #MeToo movement. "Investigation," a semi-biographical story about a young black gay man who joins the Navy; and Goodnight Opie, about a rover that was sent on a 90-day mission to Mars and survived for 15 years.

The Whale is a film directed by Samuel Hunter. It was a play that started here in Denver. It's an amazing movie that I think people will enjoy,” Smith said.

Actor Jamie Dornan and the UK/Ireland spotlight for Sheila C. O'Brien, founder of Denver Film, during a Q&A before a special screening of Belfast at the 44th Denver Film Festival at the Storm Family Auditorium at the Denver Botanic Gardens on October 10, 2021 in Denver. Thomas Cooper/Getty Images © CBS Denver – Actor Jamie Dornan and Denver director UK/Ireland spotlight Sheila K. O'Brien during a Q&A before a special screening of Belfast at the 44th Denver Film Festival in the Storm Family Auditorium at the Denver Botanic Gardens. November 10, 2021 in Denver. Thomas Cooper/Getty Images

This year's Colorado Spotlight features 7 feature films and 12 short films related to Colorado.

"Two of the highlights, one of which is Holly, which is based on a book by Julian Rubinstein and tells the story of activist Terran Roberts," Smith said.

In 12 days, some special guests will be coming to Denver. Samuel D. Hunter wins Denver Film Festival Award for Outstanding Screenplay for The Whale. Raúl Castillo wins Best Actor at the Denver Film Festival for his work in The Review. The Stan Breakage Vision Award at the Denver Film Festival went to filmmaker James Benning, while the Italian filmmaker Maria and the Tommaso Magglione Award went to writer-director Mario Marton for The King of Laughter.

More than 225 films from 58 countries are shown at the Denver Film Festival. Film sections include CinemaQ, which reflects the LGBTQ+ community; the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, which features Asian and Asian-American films; J'Adore, a selection of films in French; Language that emphasizes the African American community; And an Italian show, a selection of Italian films.

"Diversity and inclusion are definitely fundamental aspects of the Denver Film Festival, and it's been 45 years since we've been here," Smith said. “I think representation is more important now than ever. When you're talking big studio movies, it's time to watch them. I think independent filmmaking has done a better job. Of course, there is much more to be done, but it is especially important to give young people the opportunity to see themselves on screen, and this is our celebration. That's the important part."

Link: 45th Denver Film Festival tickets and information

The 45th Denver Film Festival runs November 2-13, 2022 at Sie Film Center, Tattered Cover, Eli Caulkins Opera House, Denver Botanic Gardens and AMC 9+ CO 10.

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