Digital Technology Provides More Tools To Shatter Racial And Sexist Barriers To Management

Digital Technology Provides More Tools To Shatter Racial And Sexist Barriers To Management

As the world changes with an increasingly diverse workforce, racism and sexism are preventing people from taking leadership positions and doing business. The problem lies in an underdeveloped corporate culture that favors kinship, with an inherent bias in the promotion process. This requires commitment and an understanding of how diversified energy management can lead to growth and innovation. At the same time, a game-changing technology for many may eventually open up opportunities for racial and ethnic minorities and women in leadership positions.

Today, according to McKinsey analysis, only 7% of executives are black. At the senior management level – vice president and senior vice president – they drop even more, to five and four percent, respectively. In addition, separate studies by and McKinsey show that only 23% of CEOs are women.

Technology, especially data analytics, can make a difference in many ways . Digital technology essentially provides an objective digital "fingerprint" or record of governance progress, says Arlie Lobel, author of The Equality Machine: San Diego University Professor and Leveraging Digital Technology for a Brighter, More Inclusive Future . “Despite the fact that we talk about algorithms as black boxes, digital technologies actually give us a paper trail that we can constantly check for results and variations, as opposed to human decision making, which is really a black box. ", he said. “We humans misunderstand and correct our biases.”

Technology platforms have not only proven to be effective tools for matching and tracking hiring patterns, but have also created a wider and more diverse network for leaders. “Online advertising and hiring platforms could be a way to hire and spread job openings more widely to people outside of a company's direct network, replacing traditional informal networks and word of mouth with a wider network,” Lobel said. He cites services such as LinkedIn Recruiter, which "allows employers to track applicants by gender, making it easier to ensure a balanced pool of applicants. Digital platforms facilitate greater talent mobility, which is what I did in my research on equality and narrowing the gender gap." … presented as an action car.

Automation and algorithm-based decision-making in hiring “helps eliminate rationalization and bias—through methods like emotion recognition, games, and virtual reality,” Lobel said. “In a study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, programmers spent twelve years training an algorithm to predict the election of corporate directors. has a significant level. tips. has experience and financial background. Bias detection is the first step in using artificial intelligence as an ethical tool.”

Lobel added that the results of the NBER study "also show something very important." “Directors who are not members of the board of directors and have different backgrounds have better control over management. So the algorithm actually helps to show that the human factor in choosing a board of directors is bad not only for diversity, but also for business. And unlike outside board members who are willing to expose corruption in their corporate oversight roles, algorithms have no conflict of interest.

Digital tools are also available for those seeking higher level positions. “Digital crowdsourcing of payroll information — such as apps like Know Your Worth — is a way to bring knowledge to the fore, empowering women and people of color to identify themselves as underpaid and undervalued,” Lobel added. "It allows seasoned business leaders to hire and track this under-appreciated talent."

What steps should today's business leaders and diversity advocates take to get more people into leadership positions? “Start with what repels people,” suggests Lobel. “Data analysis can reveal patterns in which women and minorities disproportionately leave companies,” she explains. “For example, travel time — which means companies need to invest in remote work technologies — or work-life balance decisions — which means companies need to create more flexibility and become a father or mother.”

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