Educational ’90s PC Games That We Want To See Again

Educational '90s PC Games That We Want To See Again

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Games like Putt-Putt and Freddy Fish have made a successful return to the Switch, further proof that they would be just as successful as similar titles of the past. But one source still remains untapped, and that is the educational computer games of the 1990s, which were marketed primarily to a much younger audience.

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It cannot be denied that many of our childhood games are becoming hits today. With the successful remake of games like Final Fantasy 7 and long-awaited sequels, it's impossible not to enter the world of 90s gaming, especially when it's marketed to younger gamers. After all, many fond memories of these titles now call for games for your kids, and the nostalgia associated with knowing your child can learn while playing is a huge benefit.

Updated December 15, 2022 by Jacqueline Zalace We added more entries to our list for the ultimate nostalgic memory. You can now browse 15 games and wish they re-released them today.

magical school buses

The mere mention of the magical school bus conjures up colorful images of Miss Frizzle and the sound of the iconic TV theme song. As vivid as those memories are, they're just as important as remembering the video game's strong ties to the series.

Capturing some of the most memorable moments from the books and TV series, the Magic School Bus games would be beautiful and fit perfectly on the Switch.

an incredible car

The Incredible Machine was a game like Minesweeper or Chips Challenge. The game fostered creativity and ingenuity in solving problems and performing simple tasks with complex tools.

In a system that focuses on creativity and learning, The Incredible Machine is a 90s classic for kids that surprisingly hasn't been ported to modern consoles or Steam.

tonca construction

For whatever reason, kids, regardless of generation, always seem to be fascinated by construction from a young age. One of the most famous names to capitalize on this fascination was Tonka. Tonka has fostered imagination and storytelling from an early age, helping children create and learn with their line of quality products.

In addition to the toy range, Tonka had a number of games that stimulated the creativity and inner builder of many children of the 1990s. Many Tonka-themed games were released, but three of the best of the 1990s were Tonka Construction, Tonka Construction, Tonka Search and Rescue, and Tonka Raceway.

Fisher Price Great Adventures Series

Like Tonka, Fisher Price is a name that will be familiar to many children since the 90s. Although it is known for its range of children's toys, Fisher Price has also created some memorable games based on some of the his oldest. known.

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The Great Adventure series featured three incredible titles with fun and imaginative worlds and characters. The greatest hits trilogy Great Adventure Castle, Pirate Ship and Wild Western Town would be perfect for the Switch, perfect for nostalgic adults and new fans alike.

eater of numbers

It's a big problem when a video game is not only allowed to be played at school, but is actually part of the daily routine. One of the few things that made math fun was the Number Munchers games.

Along with the Super Munchers that followed, the games were a great way to get kids thinking fast and hard with their moves. Adding a simple and colorful educational game to the Switch library is a simple call.


Having already seen the Steam version, Zoombinis is another classic from the 90s that is suitable for the Nintendo Switch. Puzzles and problem solving are the name of the game as you guide the Zoombinis to Zoombiniville without trying to lose a crew member.

The game has been noted for its beneficial effects on learning and has also been used in various schools. Another example of educational games done right, Zoombinis deserves to sit with the likes of Carmen Sandiego and Reader Rabbit.

Where is Carmen Sandiego in the United States?

As with many 90s children's games like Math Blaster, the Carmen Sandiego series has some great titles. Where in the USA Carmen Sandiego is definitely one of the highlights of the series.

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With an updated and improved user interface, fully animated cutscenes with voice acting, Where In The USA was one of Carmen Sandiego's best debuts.

order I THINK

Mission THINK produced by The Learning Company was a beautifully orchestrated interactive learning experience. You'll solve problems in rooms of varying difficulty to find the pieces of the game board to use in a board game against the evil Morty Maxwell.

The game became more and more difficult with each victory against Maxwell, but the game's events on the board and the unique visual style made it an enjoyable game to play. Mission THINK would go well with similar time games like Putt Putt and Freddy Fish on Switch.

Math Blaster Pre-Algebra

While most people will remember the Math Blaster games for their futuristic, sci-fi aesthetic, Math Blaster Mystery, later remastered and renamed Math Blaster Pre-Algebra, offered a refreshing change and eventually became one of the best of the series.

Math Blaster was the creator of Pre Algebra and made one of the most difficult transitions in math entertainment. Add to this Tim Burton's art direction for Courage, The Cowardly Dog, and you have one of the best 90s PC games for younger gamers that deserves a return to modern hardware.

Mario learns to write

It is a sequel or remaster of Nintendo's highly anticipated 1990s collaboration with Interplay, Mario Teaches Typing, and its direct sequel. While typing games may seem like a fad after titles like Typing of the Dead, there is still a great need for young children to develop their typing skills, especially as school expands.

It would be nice if Mario's first attempt at educational gaming was given a second chance, along with some additional improvements and new bells and whistles. Updating the graphics and adding additional content would be a nice extra touch to appeal to veteran fans and newcomers alike.

Oregon Trail II

Technically, Oregon Trail was first released in 1971, which is definitely not the 90s. There is a sequel to this text adventure released in 1995.

Oregon Trail II is basically a remake of the first game with improved graphics. Also, this game adds more content like diseases and group interactions. Oregon Trail is basically a household name, so we'd love to see a revamped version of the game.

treasure mountain!

Super Seekers is a series of educational games from the 90s consisting of Treasure games like Treasure Mountain! and Treasure MathStorm!.

In the treasure mountain! Little players can learn reading, arithmetic and logic while collecting treasure in a castle. This game would be fantastic as a full blown RPG with the return of the Master of Mischief as an antagonist.

3D Dinosaur Adventure

Who doesn't love dinosaurs? The answer is no one. In 3D Dinosaur Adventures you can meet different dinosaurs and discover different types of fossils.

Even though the game was released in 1993, it has surprisingly good graphics, almost similar to a game based on The Land Before Time. Dinosaurs never lose their popularity, so we would love to see a revamped version of this game.

adventurous insects

Instead of teaching about dinosaurs, Bug Adventure taught players about insects. Bug and Dinosaur Adventure were developed and published by Knowledge Adventure, so the games were similar.

Bug Adventure was a great way to learn random bugs; There was also a quiz to test your knowledge.

the neophytes

Finally we have Neopets. If you're familiar with Neopets, you know their game is still around. It is a browser game that was created in 1999. Since then, the game has been active, but its popularity has declined.

Instead of bringing a game back to life, we want Neopets to be popular again. Overall it's fun, but it also teaches players about economics with the Neopian stock market.

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