Educator Claims Advanced Technology ‘causing More Problems For Students

Educator Claims Advanced Technology ‘causing More Problems For Students

Adding new technology to the classroom hurts students more than it helps, says a former teacher discussing the impact of AI on education.

"We use a lot of technology in the classroom to solve the problems we see and to solve new problems," Peter Laffin, founder and writing coach of Crush the College Essay, told Fox News. "Often the cure is worse than the disease."

Last week, tech company OpenAI launched an artificial intelligence chatbot called ChatGPT; Help users write school essays at all levels, answer open-ended analysis questions, and write jokes, poems, and computer code. The internet is full of predictions about the implications of this breakthrough technology, but Laffy's biggest concern is its impact on education.

"Personally, I think we should limit the use of all kinds of technology, and I think that's for a different reason," said Luffin, who has been teaching English for more than 10 years. "We want to make sure that we teach the kids not just the subject, but the values."

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Luffy fears that the ability to use artificial intelligence to complete student work will affect the already struggling American education system.

Pandemic-related distance education has reached students across the United States. National test results for 2022 showed the biggest drop in math scores, while reading scores fell to their lowest levels since 1992 for fourth and eighth graders, according to Report Card Nation.

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“We have introduced a lot of technology into education to make our lives easier. We've been doing this for 20 years straight,” Luffin said. "Teachers say, 'What's in it for us? Are our children more educated because every class has an iPad for every student?

"If we can't say this is a positive result, why should we encourage the use of these technologies in the future?" He added:

Ramiro Vargas contributed to this report.

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