Elden Ring Fan Creates Impressive Art In Dreams

Elden Ring Fan Creates Impressive Art In Dreams

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A new video released online in honor of blockbusters like Elden Ring showcases a range of fan art created within Media Molecule's Dreams game. The impressive tribute to the popular Action RPG FromSoftware comes just days after Elden Ring won Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2022.

Elden Ring , hosting countless late-night sessions for millions of players worldwide throughout 2022, is FromSoftware's latest entry into the spiritual genre that inspired it. Bringing the developer's signature hard-but-fair combat to the open world, Elden Ring was a huge critical and commercial success when it released for PC and consoles earlier this year. Inspired by the surreal and dreamlike world of Betweenlands, players have created some incredible fan gifts since the release of Elden Ring , from elaborate costumes to a spectacular cover of Melania, the Goddess of Fall, but these Dreams creations are some of the best.

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In a post on r/Eldenring, Reddit user Martin Nebelong, also known as MartinDK3485, shared a video showing some of the Elden Ring fan art he created with the PlayStation 5 version of Dreams : showing finished sections. It's truly impressive what Nebelong was able to achieve with Dreams' build tools, with rendered scenes that look like they were taken straight from the Elden Ring . From towering castles to the giant glittering Airdtree, the scale and level of detail in the creations is astounding.

Elden Ring fans who responded to the post were amazed at the level of quality the Dreams tribute delivered and praised Nebelong for his impressive work. After asking for details on how the giveaway happened, some users expressed surprise that everything from the graphics to the level geometry was created entirely in Dreams . The popular RPG FromSoftware isn't the only game that Nebelong pays homage to the powerful creation of Media Molecule. His God of War tribute comic, created at Dreams , recently took the internet by storm after he shared it, noting the positive reviews of Kratos' latest game.

This tribute to Elden Ring is an impressive testament to what fans can do with a little creativity, some free time and the right set of tools. Dreams has proven to be a source of incredible content since the game's release in 2020, from fan art to a terrifying remake of the PT demo, and creators like Nebelong continue to show just how powerful the Media Molecule app can be.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Fan art Elden Ring – Made in Dreams, PS5

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