Everything We Know About PlayStations 10 Film And TV Projects In The Works

Everything We Know About PlayStations 10 Film And TV Projects In The Works

PlayStation head of production Asad Kizirbash recently on the PlayStation Podcast where he revealed that PlayStation currently has 10 film and TV projects in the works (via Okami Games).

We seem to know nine of them, various movies and shows are sold to various studios or streaming platforms, Sony of course has its own TV and TV arm for some of them. And if there are two secrets, I think I can guess which one.

The Last of Us : HBO mega-hit returns for a second season and beyond. Despite Ellie's aging time jump, we know the entire cast will return, including Bella Ramsay. It has also been confirmed that Season 2 will adapt the second game, although perhaps only half of the larger story will be split into different parts according to Craig Mazin.

Unknown – While the movie doesn't feature Super Mario numbers, it's a good one. The project was in development for over ten years, but finally a Tom Holland/Mark Wahlberg version was released, it was great and Sony said it was the birth of a new franchise for them. While we don't have any details for Unknown 2 yet, it will definitely arrive.

Horizon Zero Dawn – This series is being sold to Netflix, and in all likelihood, it promises to be a live-action production, which means it will no doubt cost a lot of money. As it turns out, neither has been cast to play the live-action Aloy yet.

Twisted Metal – This is the sequel to Peacock, with Captain America himself, Anthony Mackie, playing Roadkill pilot John Doe. Easily the weirdest team project here.

Gran Turismo – Oh wait, the second car-based project, albeit with less missiles and machine guns. It is based on a racing game with an almost inaccurate story and stars David Harbor of Stranger Things. This film, not a series, also stars Orlando Bloom and Djimon Hounsou.

Ghost of Tsushima – If I had to pick one project that I really love, it's Ghost of Tsushima because it's from director John Wick, Chad Stahleski. Gin Game actor Daisuke Tsuji has said that he would like to reprise the role in the film, but no casting has been announced yet.

God of War : Amazon paid dearly for this man and will pay even more to get him on the big screen. The new Norwegian duology of gaming is hitting the ground running, and I'm not sure if it or Netflix's Horizon costs more. No casting decisions have been made yet, although game actor Christopher Judge has said that he would love to play Kratos when he gets the chance.

Days Gone – Not the most popular of Sony's series, as the IP was removed due to some controversy. But a film adaptation of the zombie thriller is in the works, though the last big news we heard was back in 2016. As of August 2022, though, it's unclear what the situation will be.

Gravity Rush – It was also announced in August that a Gravity Rush film was in the works. Again, a somewhat neglected game that Sony says could be a potential blockbuster, though the IP remains dead in the gaming world.

Secret Animation Project (Fate?) – This is an unknown 10th production, but Kizilibash mentions animation in quotes, and as far as we know, none of these other projects have been touched on. Long-term concept fortunes, coupled with Sony's recent purchase of Bungie, could see animated series like Castlevania, Arcane, or Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, all of which were huge successes for their respective IPs. Bungie has taken steps to venture into multimedia in particular, which they've mentioned many times, and I think most gamers will agree that animating a $200 million budget version of a live-action game would be the best point. The series lends itself to something akin to Edgerunners' style of action and animation, though there's no indication as to where in the Destiny universe it will be adapted. If I had to guess, it's probably not the plot of the actual game.

I think a full ten, but we'll see if they get cut and replaced with new ones.

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