Exhibit Looks At The Art And Studio Of The Father Of The Hudson River School Movement

Exhibit Looks At The Art And Studio Of The Father Of The Hudson River School Movement

In his enlightened quest for the spiritual nature, Thomas Cole finds redemption in brushstrokes.

Founder of America's first Hudson River School art movement, Cole's romantic aesthetic vision depicts the Hudson River Valley and beyond, including the Catskills, Adirondacks, and White Mountains.

"Thomas Cole Studies: Memory and Inspiration" opens at the Albuquerque Museum. It will last until February 12, 2023. The exhibition includes a reconstruction of the artist's studio, including an easel, color wheel, paint box, plaster, brush and palette, as well as 26 oil paintings borrowed from national historic sites. COLLAR. National Gallery of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Smithsonian Art Museum, Albany Institute of Art and History, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and more. It contains paintings and other items that were in Cole's new studio when he died suddenly at the age of 47. The exhibition was curated by Franklin Kelly, Senior Curator, and Christian Ellis Valone, Curator of American Paintings at the National Gallery of Art.

“The way (Cole) uses light to create these glowing paintings is just beautiful,” said Josie Lopez, curator of the Albuquerque Museum. "He eventually became one of the artists who founded one of the most important art movements in the United States."

Cole (1801–1848) was a polymath whose creative contributions included not only painting, but also poetry, philosophy, essays, interior design, and architecture. The landscape paintings produced during his short career explored a wide variety of themes, including American landscapes; European landscape; work with historical, religious and mythological themes; and paintings with imaginary and allegorical themes. Cole was at the height of his powers when he died, enjoying immense public and critical acclaim, and widely regarded as America's greatest artist.

After Cole's death, his family maintained the New Studio as a shrine to his memory; over the years, he remains exactly the same as he was when he left it. Filled with completed and unfinished paintings, sketches, drawings, painting tools and materials, the new studio offers the largest and most complete collection of Cole's work available anywhere in the world. The workshop became a place of pilgrimage for those who wanted to learn from his example.

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