Fifth Annual Holiday Table

Fifth Annual Holiday Table

Museum of Ceramics Christmas table winners, from left: Karen Russo, Heather Morris, Lynn Mays and Cindy Hofichter. Elsa Rubin is not Efron's picture. (photo sent)

EAST LIVERPOOL – Museum of Ceramics director Susan Weaver described the fifth annual The Holiday Table as "the biggest and best yet." In this competition/exhibition, 21 tables were 'trimmed' to showcase the beauty of tableware made from local pottery. Participants bring tables, linens, ceramics and other accessories to create a themed table, party table or just an attractive display. A variety of potters are represented, including Homer Laughlin China Company, Taylor, Smith & Taylor, Edwin M. Knowles, Hall China, Knowles, Taylor & Knowles, Harker Pottery, Royal China, Fiesta Tableware Company, and East Liverpool Pottery Company.

Cara Vernachini of the New Castle School of Trades and Lisa Kite, owner of Kite's Corner Gift Shop, served as judges. The Best of Show award went to Cindy Hoffreiter for The Woodland Dinner. The table features a mix of various ceramic cutlery and decorative ceramic knob mushrooms.

Elsa Rubin Efran won the most creative award for tea at Nevermore Cafe. Fiesta Tableware Company features the Mysterious Halloween Raven Plate. Heather Morris Knowles won first runner-up for Most Creative with a children's table featuring a miniature tea set by Taylor & Knowles. The table is entitled "Tea with Lilybet and Paddington". Best Holiday Table, Lynn Mace won for "Happy Hanukkah," a silver and ice blue table. The flatware is Taylor, Smith & Taylor's Platinum, made in the 1950s. Karen Russo won Best Local Pottery of Show for her Appalachian Spring Table with Homer Laughlin's artistic display of Dogwood Antiques. Competition prizes are sponsored by Heritage Thermal, Fiesta Tableware Company and the Museum of Ceramics.

The table will be on display until December 10. The museum, along with other businesses in town, is hosting an open house to celebrate the "holiday spirit" on Dec. 3 from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Tables will have docents throughout the museum providing information and stories. Children can participate in making and collecting ceramic ornaments. A napkin folding display and lotus flower prizes will be drawn. There is no admission fee for the open house.

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