Film ‘Peter Pan & Wendy’ Reimagines Familiar Tale

Film 'Peter Pan & Wendy' Reimagines Familiar Tale

Peter Pan and Wendy revisit a famous Reuters story:

LONDON, April 20 (Reuters) – A boy who returns to the big screen in search of a new adventure in a poignant film about growing pains and dealing with his own fears never gets old.

Film "Peter Pan and Wendy" by Scottish writer J.

It begins with a young Wendy Darling who reluctantly prepares to leave her family and childhood behind to attend boarding school. On the eve of their departure, Wendy and her two brothers are welcomed by Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, who teach them to fly and take them to the imaginary world of Neverland.

In a distant land, Wendy and her brothers encounter the Lost Boys of Peter Pan and battle the pirates and their fearsome leader, Captain Hook. Running helps Wendy find her voice and regain her confidence.

Directed and co-written by David Lowery, the film stars Jude Law as Captain Hook, Yara Shahid as Tinker Bell, 15-year-old Ever Anderson as Wendy and 16-year-old Alexander Moloney as Peter Pan. .

Shahidi is the first black actor to play Tinker Bell, and the remake features the girls alongside Noah Matthews Matofsky, an actor with Down syndrome, as a member of the Lost Boys.

"To be able to have a generation of children where their Peter Pan and Wendy are something special, because I hope that allows everyone to dream big and know that they belong in this world." Shahidi aka Black in the show. "Growing up" and "growing up," he told Reuters at the film's world premiere in London on Thursday.

"Being a naughty boy is a state of mind, isn't it?" Neverland is a place that belongs to everyone, so everyone deserves to go,” Lau added.

Peter Pan and Wendy premieres April 28 on Disney+.

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