Fine Art Shippers At The Art Show 2022

Fine Art Shippers At The Art Show 2022

At Fine Art Shippers, we not only love to ship art to art fairs, but we are also very passionate about museums, galleries and fairs ourselves. It allows us to connect with contemporary art on a deeper level. Plus, it's a great way to meet great people and clients and feel like you're part of a community. We recently attended The Art Show 2022, which was held from November 3rd to 6th at the Armory on Park Avenue in New York. Check out some of the moments of this event that we captured with our cameras.

The Art Show is one of New York's oldest art fairs, organized by the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) to bring together artists and collectors and promote the Henry Street community. This year the organizers celebrated their 60th anniversary with the 34th fair, where 78 exhibitors presented their outstanding projects. The focus was on solo presentations on the work of unknown artists such as Geoffrey Holder, Posita Abad and Toshiko Takaezu.

Also at the Art Show 2022, new ADAA members were introduced. These are Von Lintel Gallery, Nathalie Karg Gallery, Derek Eller Gallery, Paras Heijen, Gavlak and Almine Rech. Another innovation this year is the Sustainability Roadmap, an initiative to analyze how the organization of exhibitions affects climate change. In other words, it is a collection of data on the environmental significance of such events that helps the founders set goals for the future and encourage more sustainable practices in the industry.

Fine Art Shippers at The Art Show 2022

November 2nd was Benefit Preview Day, when you could get your first look at the fair. It was attended by collectors, philanthropists and business leaders who raised nearly $1 million to benefit the Henry Street community. In more than three decades of partnership, ADAA has raised almost $35 million to support life-saving health and wellness services for nearly 50,000 New Yorkers. The non-profit organization was founded in 1893 by Lillian Old. Since then, the community of Henry Street has been providing the city with innovative and effective social services, health care programs and the arts. Art exhibitions are the company's main source of funding.

Fine art buyers were thrilled to see the fair's amazing stands and experience its unique atmosphere. Be sure to visit the event next year. Definitely worth it!

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