Florida Gators XFactor Vs. Vanderbilt: The Art Of Containment

Florida Gators XFactor Vs. Vanderbilt: The Art Of Containment

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The Gators had another chance this week to improve on an aspect of their game that has struggled at times this season and that involves keeping the quarterback mobile and dual threat.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the term "nursery" as follows:

1 : An act, process, or means of keeping something within its limits

2: Policies, processes, or outcomes prevent the spread of hostile forces or ideologies

Containment is the theme of the week in Alligator Defense. To be successful, units must have command and control. What exactly does that mean and what does Florida need to do to beat Commodores Vanderbilt on Saturday?

The Gators will have a task they've faced many times this season, the task of containing the two-threat quarterback. The goal this week? Vanderbilt linebacker Mike Wright.

Wright is currently second in Vanderbilt's season-leading rushing rush with 454 yards, trailing Ray Davis with 860 yards. Running fullbacks made up 45% of Vanderbilt's offense this season and were their highest-rated unit on the team, earning a college rushing grade of 84.2, according to Pro Football Focus, compared to a passer rating of just 56.8.

The Gators have been pressured by double threat quarterbacks several times this season, beginning in Week 1 with Utah's Cameron Rising rushing for 97 yards and passing 216 yards, followed closely by Tennessee's Hendon Hooker (112 rushing/349 passing). and LSU's Daniels (LSU's Jayden three passes and three rushing touchdowns).

In those two games, LSU and Tennessee, the Gators couldn't keep up with the potential dual-threat quarterback. To ensure the streak stretches to three games this week, the UF defense must be up to par, pocketing Wright and forcing him to hit them with his arms, which he couldn't do effectively. . This year.

After struggling to stop their run in the previous two games, the Gators came back strong against South Carolina and put on their best defensive performance of the season. To avoid damaging the mushrooms on the bottom, the bag needs to stay in place and the ends don't let the tips stick out.

Among the Gators' tight ends, Prince O'Manelain leads the pack in run defense and the team in great quarterback rushing (with the exception of former Florida tight end Brenton Cox Jr. in an eight-game season). O'Manelain will have a good opportunity to continue his hot streak and be a solid test of keeping Wright at bay.

Another important aspect to keep Wright hidden, the second is also weight pulling. By taking the gate out of the field, he's able to force Wright to stay in the pocket long enough for the Gators to rush home.

UF safety Rashad Torrence II was a star against South Carolina last week, allowing a catch on three goals for zero yards and posting a cover-leading 90.0 PFF. The Gators backend couldn't say the same, posting the second-worst reporting game as a unit.

This week's game created the same situation as last week when the Gators needed crucial control of the game, but to remain in control they needed to contain Wright and stop the offense.

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