“From Chinatown, With Love” Project Merges Art With Businesses For The Lunar New Year

NEW YORK . The New York City Council met Thursday to support a resolution proposed by the House of Representatives to make Lunar New Year a federal holiday.

The festival is the most important festival for the Asian community and takes place in late January or early February.

In 2015, a Lunar New Year was declared in the city's public schools . This year, the Lunar New Year will be celebrated on January 22.

Just in time for the Lunar New Year, an arts and charity project called "Chinatown with Love" is about to begin. Young artists can help attract the attention of established traders and further develop their business.

Art is everywhere in Chinatown. Colors, shapes and sounds are filled with interesting traditions and unique craftsmanship. Young artists from all over the world find inspiration here.

“We embrace the interpretation of our generation and continue that tradition by connecting with businesses that have been active in our community for a long time and to whom we want to express our gratitude and appreciation through art,” said Ali Rosa- Salas de Abron Art. Center. .

Rosa-Salas caught up with CBS2's Dave Carlin at the Chinatown headquarters for Project WOW, where two arts and community groups used the power of imagination to create bunny-themed calendars, handmade pendants and beautifully designed little picture books.

It is the work of five artists, including Singha Ho.

“So we have a talisman, a rabbit, a ceramic bead, a silk bag, which is also made of fabric for businesses. And there we have a little corner of history … I gave an example”, declared the honorary minister.

Happiness is built on the Year of the Rabbit and the Year of the Rabbit to signify abundant health, happiness, and prosperity. .

“The rush is exciting because I feel joy and high hopes,” said the Honorable Minister.

Starting January 14, the week before the Lunar New Year, many stores in Chinatown offer free calendars for purchase.

Kopitiam, Wen Wah Company, TLB Trading Company, EWA Trading Company and Chinatown Sponges will have something special. Customers who come to these stores and spend $45 or more will receive Toto bags with lucky keys, key rings and artwork.

“The mission is to bring awareness to these businesses through art,” Rosa-Salas said.

This is the fourth year of cooperation.

Chunika Cash, owner of Elise Photo, told Carlene that the art — and the parade on Saturday — would make her business more visible.

"That's how they found out about us," Cash said. "In a way, they come here to support us."

A fine example of art and community, it allows younger and older generations to meet and succeed.

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