Gaps In Verbal Skills Main Educational Challenge For Children Of Migrant Origin

Gaps In Verbal Skills Main Educational Challenge For Children Of Migrant Origin

Shortcomings in oral skills are the biggest learning gap for young immigrant children, according to a new study by sociologists at Trinity College Dublin.

The study, published in the Journal of the European Society , aimed to explore educational disparities among immigrant children by examining the verbal and non-verbal skills of five-year-olds.

Using data from Growing Up in Ireland (GUI), a national longitudinal study of children, the study found that academic failure among immigrant groups is present early in school. Contrary to researchers' expectations, these differences are limited to verbal skills and there is no difference in the non-verbal skills of children born to Irish parents and born abroad.

The study also found that the gap in speaking skills varies significantly across immigrant groups. Unsurprisingly, children whose parents hail from predominantly English-speaking regions (such as the UK, North America, Australia and Oceania) have scores near the average or slightly higher. Children of Eastern European descent have the lowest level of English proficiency compared to Irish children.

Interestingly, unlike most of the data available in other countries, a child's social background plays a relatively small role in explaining performance differences between immigrant and non-immigrant children. immigration.

The results were commented on by author Stefanie Sprong, Ph.D. A candidate for the Faculty of Sociology said: "Classrooms in Ireland have never been so ethnically diverse, and in recent months, this diversity has increased with the arrival of thousands of Ukrainians, many of whom do not speak English.Firstly, it is important to understand how children from immigrant backgrounds do in school because education will affect their future and is likely to lay the foundations for life choices and integration into society.

Our results show that certain groups of immigrants experience inequalities when they enter school, particularly in terms of language skills. We need to ensure that these children receive additional support to reduce deprivation so they can reach their full potential. However, when designing interventions, it is important to carefully consider which groups need more support, as our results show that performance differences vary significantly by region of origin and language used at home. play an important role.

The article was co-authored by Dr. Jan Skupek, Associate Professor of Sociology, added: "In today's increasingly diverse societies, it is essential that we know how best to promote the structural integration of immigrants and their descendants. The educational failure of immigrants is a serious problem and has already been well documented". .Performance at an early age and in countries that have experienced relatively recent migration, the shortcomings of which are relatively little known.

Ireland offers an interesting context for the study of immigrants and their children. The speed and scale of modern immigration, and the characteristics of its immigrant population, set Ireland apart from many other Western countries. Our study provides new insights into the experience of migrants in new immigration countries.

More information: Stefanie Sprong et al, Academic Achievement Gaps by Migration Background at School Entry Age in Ireland, European Society (2022). doi: 10.1080/14616696.2022.2084558

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