Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Beginners Guide: 8 Tips And Tricks To Get Started

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Beginners Guide: 8 Tips And Tricks To Get Started

Illfonic has made a name for itself in a very specific niche. They excel at making big IP games like Friday the 13th, Predator Hunting Ground and now Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed . In this game, teams are divided into "monsters" who must compete with four or more players to win. Each side has its own mechanics and goals to win, which makes this type of game very addictive and immersive.

The order should be clear to anyone familiar with the Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed franchise. Alone on the side, the ghosts try to fully live in a certain place, while hunting four ghost hunters, trying to catch them. However, that's easier said than done, no matter which side you're on. There are many ways to get rid of ghost sites, there are other factors to consider, and ghost hunters have their own problems besides ghost hunting. Everyone knows you can't cross streams, but here are some important tips and tricks to get you started playing Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed .

Other indications

living together

Four customizable Ghostbusters set out to capture a host of ghosts in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed. © Courtesy of Digital Trends Four customizable Ghostbusters get ready to catch some ghosts in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed.

Like most asymmetric games, multiplayer teams, in this case the Ghostbusters, are just as powerful as a single unit. Just like in the movies, dealing with ghosts alone might not do you any good. Even if you manage to catch it in your stream, you won't be able to catch it when you try to challenge it

Not seeing another attacker behind you will leave you vulnerable to ghost attacks, which depend on the type of ghost you're dealing with, but never a good one. Also, Buster can do more than aim and shoot a stream of protons at ghosts. Since it takes time to switch between your rigs, having a dedicated partner with bait and another guide with a PKE meter will help you land your catch quickly.

Also, when dragging a ghost, keep in mind that while multiple destroyers can help capture a ghost, only the one that binds first can affect the move. Everyone caught in its current would slow the ghost's escape, but whoever caught it first would catch the ghost. Since all proton packs will eventually overheat, if the first blocker needs to release flux, control will switch to the second block to pass the flux to the case, meaning you can pass the buck if you need to cool your pack. .

Find the group basket

Ghostbusters gear. © Digital Trends A cart full of Ghostbusters gear .

Before everyone starts exploring and ghost hunting, check the equipment cart near the spawn point. This item basket contains essential tools such as gadgets and additional traps in case you run out. However, the traps were the most important, returning to the cart was the only way to retrieve them.

The secondary device is also very convenient to carry. Things like the Pod Ionizer allow you to slow incoming ghosts with AoE while the VAD moves quickly across the map. Communicate with your team and try using different devices to complement each other.

Use your PKE meter and watch for cracks

Three ghost hunters are shooting. © Digital Trends Shooting of three ghost hunters.

Each map will have three gaps that you, as a ghost hunter, will want to hunt down and destroy as quickly as possible. This can be done in two ways: by directly finding and destroying the void, or by capturing the ghost itself. These cracks are basically extra lives (or extra ghost lives?) for ghost players. If you capture a ghost and there are still gaps on the map, they will respawn there. Also, if the ghost can fill the ghost meter, the remaining void will shorten the time remaining until the last desperate attempt to capture the ghost.

The only way to track cracks and ghosts in this case is to use a PKE meter. You're never sure what you're following, but if it stays still, it might crack. It also won't tell you if what you're tracking is on another floor, and ghosts can chase items like bait to trigger your PKE.

Cracks don't open, but objects hidden on the map that ghosts can move.

Note that the PKE also has a small burst that you can activate if a ghost is protecting you. This will momentarily knock them out, which isn't enough to switch to your proton pack and attach, but if your teammates are with you, they'll get a free shot.

Keep busy on the side

Ghostbusters Fireman © Digital Trends Ghostbusters by Firefighters .

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is a metagame of sorts, giving you access to other objectives to complete throughout the game to earn extra XP. This can usually be seen as a distraction from the main ghost hunting games, but leveling up is important to unlocking new ghost items and forms, as well as fun cosmetics to dress up your destroyer.

While at the firehouse, you must choose this side hustle, interacting with the book. Here you will be shown various offers in addition to daily and weekly challenges. They tend to have long terms or multiple steps, but each one is worth the extra experience, as well as the bonus of completing the entire contract.

While not listed as a side job, other things that will ease your XP are spores, molds, and soft grips around cards. Collecting them will add some extra experience after you finish the game, but you'll be rewarded with extra XP when you hit the percentage threshold for each.

Chase multiple rooms at once

in the Leaner library. © Digital Trends from Slimer's proprietary library .

As a ghost, you have one main goal, but there are many ways to achieve it. The goal is to fill up the haunted building's gauge and escape unnoticed, but you'll also have a second gauge that records how damaged the room you're in is.

While each NPC you fear and the item you chase add to both counters, the most effective way to build up your overall stalking meter is to stalk a specific room in its entirety, rather than spreading your fear across the map. Of course, it's not that easy. The longer it stays in one place, the faster predators can try to find it and catch it. To eliminate intrusions, it is better to choose several rooms that can slide on different floors, so that they do not follow you for a long time and you can move between them.


blue ghost © Digital Trends by Blue Ghost .

As important as finding the holes was to the hunters, protecting them was just as important to the ghouls. This is again your second, third and fourth chance to get back if you get caught. When you're caught and there's no gap left, that's it. They act as mini teleporters so you can move around the map.

As soon as the Busters find the gap and start destroying it, you'll get a message to let you know. Unless you want to get the most out of Ghost Counter, it's always best to try and be careful. Besides trying to fight the Busters, which probably won't work if the whole team is there, it's best to move the rift to a new element.

Stay invisible

A ghost running away from intruders. © Ghost on the Attacker by Digital Trends .

Booster can see how you're using the PKE meter, and it's hard to hide it for long. Even if you can't tell them what floor you are on, they will eventually find you. When this happens, your priority is to stay out of their sight. Whatever tricks you have, like hiding things, it doesn't matter if you see them do it.

A good trick is to get out of line of sight, stalk objects to give your ghost a PKE meter to detect, then run away to another room or floor.

Turn off that proton pack

© Provided by Digital Trends

Even if the ghosts don't have many tools to attack, you have some tricks that can make their life difficult. Each ghost type has their own abilities that help with this, such as using slime, but your best bet is to sneak up behind them to temporarily disable the proton packs. It's certainly not easy, but cutting even a pack for a while can mean the difference between being caught and escaping.

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