Google Assistant Adds Parental Controls, An Educational Dictionary, New Kidfriendly Voices

Google Assistant Adds Parental Controls, An Educational Dictionary, New Kidfriendly Voices

I've always liked Google Family Updates. Whenever I see a focus on children and how they interact with technology, and then how parents can manage that interaction to protect them as they grow and learn about the world around them, I worry. Today at Keyword, Google announced several new Assistant updates to help make kids' smart screen and AI-powered voice interactions more natural and friendly.

First, there were parental controls for the assistant. As you can see from the image below, the new settings allow you to set a pause time for voice commands, select appropriate services for audio and video, and more. will allow. In some cases, you can completely stop your kids from listening to news and podcasts or making calls, which is a relief because the Nest Hub always brings me the latest #FloridaMan.

You can optionally apply these restrictions to your entire home or to specific devices, such as your child's room. These tools will be coming to Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

You can then call on the built-in picture learning dictionary to help babies learn the definitions of things. The helper used to prevent your kids from building sound matches, but now it will ask you to specify that particular version of the dictionary. This feature aims to provide age-appropriate responses for speakers, smart screens and mobile devices.

Finally, it's a collection of four new voice assistants designed to appeal more to a younger audience. After asking your son or daughter to say "Ok Google, change your voice," you should open a new interface asking them to select a purple, blue, green, or pink square with a mouth, as well as sample audio clips.

Of course, parents can find these settings by manually browsing the assistant's settings, but it's easier said than done. Try these culturally different sleep sounds and other story scripts to make your child feel like they have a kind teacher who helps them understand things, not a boring, corporate and automatic voice.


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