Hay Fever Tips And Tricks As Pollen Count Rises

Hay Fever Tips And Tricks As Pollen Count Rises

Constant sneezing, runny nose, red nose, dry, itchy eyes, and throbbing in the head with shortness of breath—fever can be debilitating.

We have already seen the first warnings from the Met Office this year, and the problem will only get worse as spring arrives and temperatures rise.

While we love shady trees, green grass (grass pollen is the most common cause of summer heat), and flower beds to keep our bees happy and bolster our hiking plans, plant pollen causes a host of allergic reactions.

According to Allergy Ireland, about 25 percent of all Europeans suffer from allergies to the nose, sinuses or chest, and this figure is expected to rise to 50 percent over the next decade.

People with a fever should keep antihistamines on hand and see a doctor if things get really bad.

In the meantime, to ease the annoyance a bit, this…

1. Get ready with the app

My Pollen Forecast Pro UK is considered one of the best pollen and allergen tracking apps. With a five-day forecast, a journal feature to keep track of your allergies, and a live pollen map, it can at least help you get ready for some fun outdoor activities. Available on the App Store.

The Irish Asthma Association offers an app similar to Pollen Tracker for daily updates on pollen levels in Ireland, including forecasts and forecasts for the next day. Plus, it's free.

2. Allow window

Sun and blue sky? It is natural to open the window. Unfortunately, it can miss all the bad stuff, so try not to open it during pollen peak hours in the morning and evening; and close it at night when the amount of pollen is also high.

3. Vaseline can help in several ways.

Vaseline is helpful if you have dry lips, eyelids, or cracked skin, and can also soothe and protect your nose. Try rubbing it into each nostril to relieve pain and trap pollen entering the nostrils.

4. Take a cold shower

If your eyes are watery and you can't stop sneezing, cover them with cold running water. Not only will this help relieve your symptoms, but if you spend a lot of time sitting or working outside, you should wash your hair and change. If showering is not practical, cover your face with a cool towel and lie down for a few minutes.

5. Used tea bags can help soothe puffy eyes.

Make the most of your morning tea by putting a used tea bag in the fridge and using it as a cold compress to reduce swelling and soothe aches and pains. You can also use cucumber slices.

6. Keep your mask on

Face masks have become the norm and you can also use them to filter out pollen particles.

7. Wear folding sunglasses.

Stylish, sporty sunglasses with a little more protection against pollen entering the eyes are your best summer investment: the perfect accessory with benefits.

Canberra hay fever ACT ABC News is battling the worst pollen season ever recorded.

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