HB Obsessed: This Digital Canvas Will Display Art Work And Your Favorite Memories

HB Obsessed: This Digital Canvas Will Display Art Work And Your Favorite Memories

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To be honest, I miss how often I can convince myself to post and shoot photos that aren't on social media. From vacation photos planned with family, selfies with friends, and even an unforgettable vacation photo panorama, my phone is full of memories that never see the light of day! But I found a way to display my favorite photos regularly – Meural II.

I was able to see a few frames and the Meural II took things to another level by serving as a work of art! Access a diverse library of over 30,000 images by history's greatest artists and emerging creators. It's just a picture frame to reflect your personality by adding color to your walls and showing off your precious moments.

Read on to find out why Canvas II is the secret to preserving special memories and works of art.

Check out Canvas II first

Given how long it took me to install the gallery wall, I knew I didn't have to pick up and install a 15-pound digital frame , so I called Task Rabbit to hang the canvas II. It took me about 30 minutes to hang the 27-inch monitor in the living room (the first 10 minutes to see if it was positioned correctly). … Designed to look like a canvas, I chose a white frame that blends in with the existing mix of colors and decor. The Canvas 2 isn't bulky and blends into the wall even with the matte screen off.

Your photos follow the direction of the frame, so you can hang the wall horizontally or vertically. After the frame is installed with screws and pins, just plug it in and press the power button on the side (there's an SD card slot and USB input). The one negative side of the look is that unless you run the cable through the wall, the cable runs directly through the wall.

Preparing the Mural Canvas II

To get started, download the Meural app, connect your frame to the app, and choose a stable Wi-Fi connection to upload photos or browse the impressive art library. The app introduces you to what I think is Mural's coolest feature: gesture control . With a flick of your wrist, you can scroll through photos, learn about artists, schedule shows, and change app settings. Canvas II stays smudge-free and you can share your favorite photos with family and friends.

Navigating the app is very easy. I allowed access to my phone's camera roll and quickly created a playlist. I can freeze the images or set the duration for each image, it shows perfect color, works smoothly.

Price and features

It's important to note that at $699 a frame (a 16×24 frame is $599), access to the full wall art library requires a subscription. Explore museums, the National Geographic Archives, different art movements and styles, exclusive interviews with artists, and more. No registration required to download images from mobile phone.

A subscription costs $69.95 per year, or you can pay $8.95 per month.

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Main features of the product

  • Frame options: black, white, light wood or dark wood.

  • Anti-reflective screen

  • Light sensor

  • Available as a table or canvas frame.

  • Access to huge art galleries and NFTs

  • One year free subscription

  • Turn timer on/off

  • 42 preloaded images and 100 sample images

All images are HD 1080 and the screen automatically adjusts to room lighting. It's a charming addition to my living room that I can appreciate every day.

Because it's an obsession.

I am incredibly close to my family and seeing their pictures the moment I open the door is so sweet. Even if I don't remember taking a photo, one swipe tells me where and how old. Family group discussions consist of collaborative photo playlist questions and invitations sent to Canvas II rather than large discussions about which photos are best. A great screen makes everything better and requires no adjustments. Plus, I'm not scared when I'm not!

Canvas II makes browsing easy and creates playlists that let you start chatting right away. I like to select a playlist of new photos in the app and have them scattered among my friends' photos so they don't even see them. Guests ask about the mural or the story behind the photo. Poppy Simpson, Meral's Head of Content and Curator, is driven by a desire to make art a part of people's everyday lives. "Meural doesn't compare to your television. It's about showing something that makes sense in the moment and that fits your feelings, " he explains.

While the price of frames and subscriptions isn't ideal, the ability to revisit memories with loved ones or fall in love with art from around the world makes it a worthwhile investment. Mural Canvas II is an experience you don't have to leave home.

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