Herbal Tips And Tricks To Help Your Skin And Hair Needs

Herbal Tips And Tricks To Help Your Skin And Hair Needs

It's tempting to read tips and tricks to solve your skin and hair problems, but once you apply them, you either end up with a chain of problems or no results at all. Outcomes-based counseling can also provide secondary benefits. Herbal ingredients are always a good and safe choice for hair and skin care. They have a gentle effect on the skin as they are made from herbal ingredients rich in natural vitamins and antioxidants. Makes your skin and hair healthier and softer over time. In addition, herbal products are suitable for all skin and hair types. (Also Read: Importance Of Natural Ingredients In Skin Care: Experts Explain )

Speaking to HT Lifestyle, herbalist Medha Singh, founder and CEO of organic and natural skincare brand Juvena Herbal Pvt Ltd, shares effective herbal tips and tricks for your hair and skin care.

  • Make a skin-brightening oil with plant-based ingredients like olive and almond oils, dry ground cashews, dry turmeric powder, dry coriander powder, licorice root, and other prebiotic herbs.
  • Make the most effective ubtan with ingredients like almonds, dry ground wheat flour, chopped bamboo shoots, olive oil and nutmeg.
  • A diet is incomplete without soothing wraps made with ingredients like red lentils, soybeans, dried rose petals, sandalwood powder and milk powder.
  • Taking care of your hair is equally important, so choose an oil that contains ingredients like olive oil, sesame oil, evening primrose oil and manjista sticks and dress it up with a good hair mask with ingredients like Triphala Churna Pudra, Shatavari, Mehndi leaves. . Sesame powder and paste.

Here are some tips for herbal skin and hair care.

  • Never wash your face with lukewarm water. Always prefer tap water as its temperature is lower than room temperature which is ideal for washing your face.
  • Cleanse your face with herbal emulsions rather than facial cleansers. Facial cleansers lower the skin's pH level because it is naturally alkaline. Supporting the skin's pH level means taking care of the skin's collagen and elastin fibers. By incorporating this small step into your skin care routine, you can stay young forever.
  • Always apply moisturizer to damp skin. Applying moisturizer on dry skin will make the skin oily and never moisturize the skin. Thus, the purpose of applying a moisturizer is defeated.
  • Choose a physical mineral sunscreen over a chemical sunscreen because a physical mineral sunscreen reflects UV rays while a chemical sunscreen absorbs and scatters UV rays.
  • Don't forget to cleanse your skin at night. Always remove all traces of makeup by double cleansing the skin with an effective cleanser.
  • Never use a damp cloth or sponge to clean cleaning products. Prefer cotton swabs.
  • If you wear make-up regularly, gentle exfoliation with herbal films enriched with natural ingredients is necessary to maintain collagen synthesis in the skin at its best.
  • Never apply night cream without moisturizing the skin. First, apply a little moisturizer to damp skin. Apply night cream after 10 minutes. Dry skin should always cover the night cream with oil. Since the night cream is also an emulsion, it evaporates at night as our body temperature rises during sleep. If the skin is dry, this evaporation is faster. If you want your night cream to repair daytime damage, lock it in forever with 100% pure and effective Argan oil.

Because it is a living organ, be honest with your greatest body of elimination by listening to the messages it sends every day. Be with your skin, respect it and meet all its needs naturally to stay healthy, happy and beautiful. So the trick to being nice is to be honest.

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