Hey Hollywood, Maybe Make A #MeToo Film In Which The Men Are Innocent?

Hey Hollywood, Maybe Make A #MeToo Film In Which The Men Are Innocent?

President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is sworn in before the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018, in Washington. © The Washington Examiner Brett Kavanaugh , President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, is sworn in during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington, DC, Thursday, September 27, 2018.

New #MeToo movie " She Said " failed. Shameless director Harvey Weinstein's infamous crime film grossed just $2 million at the box office — "one of the worst returns for a major studio in history," as he put it .

Here's an idea, Hollywood: make a #MeToo movie where the accused is found innocent.

While the #MeToo movement has been a huge boon in raising awareness of people like Weinstein, it has somehow become the hammer that every man thinks is the nail.

Moreover, it has become very politicized. In Here's the Point: A Memoir , written by Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, the former presidential adviser criticizes the feminist hypocrites who were at the center of Brett Kavanaugh's 2018 impeachment, oblivious. and the sacrilege they displayed throughout this passage. Conway will definitely remember them.

I have been part of this struggle and I talk about it in a new book. In the fall of 2018, the political left and the media tried to destroy Kavanaugh, my high school friend. They used opposition research, blackmail threats and honey trap attempts. A woman named Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexually abusing her in 1982, when we were all in high school. Ford pretended I was in the room when it happened.

When investigative journalist Ronan Farrow called me in September 2018, Farrow accused me of "sexual harassment" without saying who, when or where the victim was. The media told the public that I had led more than 10 gang rapes and bought and sold cocaine. They used people I had never met as sources. The insane nonsense was fed directly to the media, and blown up without investigation.

In fact, the whole thing was so ridiculous that many liberals and progressives didn't believe Ford, though few were willing to admit it out loud. But they knew, like everyone else, that Ford's story was a fabrication. However, his accusations were the perfect weapon to block Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination.

In the end they failed and I survived. It would be a very good movie.

To their credit, Conway and the White House went out of their way to give Ford a fair deal, even if they were in trouble themselves. When Conway told CNN's Jake Tupper that she had been sexually assaulted, Tupper said he was sorry and then turned to Trump.

The worst was Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC's Morning Joe . After Conway told the press that "all of us, starting with the president and I, treated Ford like a Fabergé egg," Brzezinski went berserk. "So tell us your story," he said to the camera. "Who is your attacker? Who broke the law? Who hurt you? It seemed so uncomfortable when you let him go. Your voice has weakened. Your voice is broken."

This diabolical behavior provoked an outcry from Conway: “Does the #MeToo movement or the so-called brotherhood go where the law does not go and decide who deserves respect, justice and mercy based on their politics or their daily lives? Work?

As Conway noted in Here's the Thing , feminists and leftists were concerned with politics, not personal hurt: “In fact, [Ford] was challenged by the usual rumors that his decade-long claims had no basis in fact. I couldn't and wouldn't care about my painful experience "except for Trump."

The way many women are portrayed in films like She Said seems to be a step back from the way women were portrayed in older, better written films. In film noir, the villains are usually women. To name a few examples: Phyllis Dietrichson in " Double Indemnity ", Cathy Moffat in "Out of the Past ", Gilda Mundson in "Gilda", Bridget O'Shaughnessy in "The Maltese Falcon" (from the 1960 film noir "Crazy Gun " Home one was called "The Deadly Woman." They were all brilliant, conniving, sarcastic, and sometimes evil. In other words, they were much more like real people.

Ford would make a great femme fatale. In the media, she was portrayed as a sweet and innocent pixie who was naive. She spoke in the voice of a little girl.

Ford's portrayal as an actor and opposition scholar is far more interesting and accurate than the media-generated fiction.

So yes, in answer to Conway's question, #MeToo goes where the law doesn't. Therefore, Kavanaugh and I were found guilty, even though there was no evidence to support the charges against us. This is why I have received so many hostile phone calls and emails about Kavanaugh lying. ("Do it for humanity").

#MeToo changes the terrain of victim politics and creates a victim where there is no evidence. Then he uses vile bastards like disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti, who accused Kavanaugh and me of participating in or witnessing 10 gang-rapes. This line from Here's the Deal , where Conway is at a party and meets Avenatti, speaks for itself: "Don Lemon turned me on to Avenatti, who introduced Lemon's CNN colleague Brian Stelter as a serious candidate in the presidential race."

The last word here goes to someone not mentioned in Here's the Thing : Leland Keizer. He is an old friend of Ford's, and Keyser said he was there the night of Ford's attack. When Keyser denied this, Ford threw him under the bus, saying Keyser had "serious health issues" and couldn't be trusted.

Feminism was the disgusting filth of a left-wing operation that could have gone back 50 years. The #MeToo movement deserves more. And so does Hollywood.


Award-winning journalist Mark Judge and The Devil's Triangle: Mark Judge Vs. Mark Judge. The New American Stasi . He is also the author of God and Man at the Georgetown School, Damn Senators and Trembling Bliss .

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