Horror Film Fans, Here’s Where To Watch And Stream ‘Evil Dead Rise’ Online

Horror Film Fans, Here's Where To Watch And Stream 'Evil Dead Rise' Online

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The Deadly Dead franchise is officially back and it's another horror movie. When the last movie hit theaters a decade ago in 2013, no one expected creator Sam Raimi to refocus the series that began in 1981. Today, with another dose of nostalgia, fans of the horror genre are gearing up to see the sequel. Evil Dead . get up

Directed by Lee Cronin , the film tells the story of Ellie ( Alice Sutherland ), a young woman who lives with her three children in a Los Angeles apartment. When his sister Beth ( Lili Sullivan ) visits, their house is shaken by an earthquake, leaving a hole in the parking lot. The children check and realize they have the Book of the Dead, which releases an evil spirit that finds Ellie and possesses her. Will he hurt his family and lose everything he works for, or will everyone survive?

It's certainly an interesting concept, and one that longtime moviegoers will want to see either way. But for those wondering how to watch and stream Evil Dead Rise from home, it will be some time before that happens. Luckily, we've done a little research and pinned an airdate, so here you can watch and stream Evil Dead Rise online.

Right now, the only way to see The Deadly Dead Rising is to go to a screening at a local movie theater. But fear not, horror fans! It will likely hit broadcasters in the near future, and many already have access to it.

The latest movie in the popular franchise is currently being distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures are the same company that distributed the previous films. In addition, the studio has announced plans to merge HBO Max and Discovery+ to create a streaming site that includes all the titles already on both platforms. With the launch of Warner Bros. For new content and news of a new place for viewers to watch their favorite shows and movies, it's very likely that Evil Dead Rise will continue on the new streaming platform Max.

As for when Evil Dead Rise will hit the trigger, that's currently up for debate. Before Warner Bros. announced About the merger, it had an agreement with HBO Max that allowed its projects to be released at least 45 days after their theatrical release. Should such a deal go through, fans can expect to watch from home starting the first weekend in June 2023.

If Evil Dead Rise has reached Max, you will need an account to log in. According to a report by Collider, pricing will remain the same as HBO Max. This means that people can choose plans starting at $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. When everything is ready, you can go to the movie's title page on the official streaming website or in the Max app.

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