How An Old Trading Technology Is Creating New Opportunities For Investors

How An Old Trading Technology Is Creating New Opportunities For Investors

Cart trading has been around for a while, but with widespread awareness and support for innovations such as split trading, it has become a way for some investors to better manage their portfolios.

What is basketball trading?

The idea is to trade a basket instead of buying a single share like Apple does. AAPL Buying a basket, such as a group of stocks, can be associated with an investment approach such as clean energy or dividend investing. You decide what to put in your cart, and then easily buy and sell as needed. Mutual funds and ETFs are based on a similar concept to the trading basket. However, basket trading usually has no expense ratio and you can fully customize the portfolio to suit your needs rather than using someone else's practice money.

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Not all brokers offer this service, but some Interactive Brokers and Fidelity offer it with different specifications. Interactive Brokers offers a fully scalable and customizable basket ordering system at no additional cost. FidFolios is a paid $4.99 per month service with a simple user interface offered by Fidelity Fidelity Solo.

These services and the trading basket concept make it easy to do what many investors want to do, just move funds in and out of your portfolio and rebalance as needed. This may be easier than maintaining an unbalanced stock portfolio. At the same time, you can likely save on commissions. Mutual funds, both mutual funds and ETFs, have annual fees that can be as high as 1% or more of your fund's value each year. This can reduce the value of your savings over time. Cart trading offers the option to forfeit the entire fund, while achieving the same investment results as investing in a group of passive funds. However, some investors keep ETFs in baskets, so fees will still apply in these situations.

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“We haven't seen such widespread use of the trading basket in many years,” said Josh Krugman, senior vice president of brokerage operations and services at Fidelity Investments. However, Fidelity is now “seeing more interest from more interested investors, such as adjusting the portfolios of the models provided.” What happens is that even people who use models like the Clean Energy Group also tend to improve on them.

Krugman claims that one of the reasons for the rise of basket trading was due to the invention of split trading. In the past, trading a basket of whole stocks meant that trading a basket of dollars would often be relatively expensive. However, in split trading, the customer can now select the dollar amount to enter and exit their portfolio, making the process easier and more accessible for small investors.

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As basket trading becomes more accessible and popular, it can offer investors the opportunity to save money on fees that would be charged even for passive ETFs. Instead of an ETF, holding the same underlying investment through a basket trading platform can be a way to lower investment costs in your portfolio. At the same time, it can be a way to ensure that your investment meets your needs. If your ETF contains shares you don't want, there's not much you can do, but with basket trading, you can remove them from the basket.

Trading a basket, even on simple platforms, still requires time and effort and is therefore used today by more dedicated investors. Some may prefer to have someone else manage their investments. However, basket trading may be another avenue for some investors which may yield slightly better results over time due to lower fees and greater flexibility than through-the-money investing.

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