How Do You Pack For Art Basel Miami? The Art World Answers.

How Do You Pack For Art Basel Miami? The Art World Answers.

Thanksgiving is over and you can go to Art Basel Miami Beach. Open the suitcase. What are you packing now?

As the heavyweights of the art world flock to Miami Beach for the annual art fair, Miami Art Week experiences an all-time spring break craze. But what do these art world protagonists actually bring on their weekends?

A quick survey of contacts in the art world regarding the requested topics yielded a number of pleasantly surprised responses. From managers to artists, galleries to freelancers, insiders from all walks of life know the advice. So what to bring to Art Basel in Miami Beach? These guys have you covered.

Loaded devices

"That's very clear to me. An iPhone with the Airtable app ("Are you looking for the late [Pierre] Soulages or [Christopher] Wool's subversive text picture? I'll WhatsApp you") and a phone charger."

– Evan Byrd, executive vice president, Masterworks

Comfortable shoes

There is no point in rushing around like crazy to visit all the exhibitions and art events. Many experts in the art world emphasize the importance of heat resistant shoes. Some have spoken of the embarrassing scenes of women in leg braces sinking into the sand… through the plastic on the floor of the fake tents.

save cigarette

Even if you don't smoke, a cigarette on hand can seal the deal when you bring in a new client after a stressful event or late at night.

Spectacular accessory

“Accessories are the hallmark of any ensemble and the perfect way to break the ice at networking events. This year I'm tackling an old gold banana pencil to express my inner Carmen Miranda and show how many bananas are on the market.

-Chellis Baird, artist

hair oil

With our soft branches, don't forget that the Miami sun is strong and the humidity is unmatched. If you're going to an event where you need to look your best, a little argan oil can help prevent sun damage and moisture absorption.


Yes, you will spend most of your time indoors during the day and out at night. But the Florida sun is stronger than you think, and SPF never hurts.

Travel umbrella (with large bag)

“For a shower in Miami, I bring along a travel umbrella. Raincoats are a must and I don't do small bags, so they always fit in my bag."

– Jessica Wong, former art gallery director, co-founder of 88Finds


“A must-have item for Basel (and for any creative or business trip) is a diary of precious mornings spent alone in my room before the hustle and bustle. I live in fear that someone will read my diary and protect it with my life."

Maddie Phinney, art consultant at Maddie Phinney.

binoculars… why not?

“Although I've never been to Basel, you can't go wrong with binoculars or even opera glasses. You can see things closer. It also works great when you visit places of art.

– Max Ellefson, art collector.

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