Kodak: “we’re The Last Color Film Manufacturer Standing”

Kodak: “we're The Last Color Film Manufacturer Standing”

Kodak is looking to hire more film technicians as demand for film increases. The director's dividends as the sole color director on the production are certainly tenfold as the company's name is well-respected in the photography industry. Now the cult family is looking for additional staff to cover the demand for film deliveries for analogue photographers.

Today, after hiring more than 250 new employees, Eastman Kodak is looking for more film technicians. Nagraj Bokinker, Vice President of Film Production, shared the news on Twitter:

“For example, a few years ago our film processing went from five days a week to one shift. Up until last year it was three shifts, five days a week and now we're 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we've had over 300 people between film and chemistry over the last 18 months and we're looking for more."

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This is good news for all the faithful film photographers, especially after Eastman Kodak went bankrupt a decade ago due to lack of film sales. But now, 10 years later, there is a resurgence of interest in film photography, and many photographers are returning to or rediscovering film in search of a more cohesive experience than digital capture.

This trend is also supported by many famous YouTubers like Chris Chu, Grainydays and Joe Greer, who share their love of the analog experience with thousands of people around the world who enjoy watching them make films and encouraging them to make films themselves.

In an article by Peta Pixel, Nagrai Bokinker, vice president of film production, explains that the company's strategy of being the last standout in color film is paying off.

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There's no denying that cinema is on the rise again, which is great news for all die-hard moviegoers and those who feared this movie boom might suddenly come to an abrupt end. However, the increased use and refusal to close the Kodak Rochester plant during tough times was exactly what kept them from failing forever.

We recently reported that premium Kodak film would receive price increases such as: B. Kodak Portra 400 which is now $65.95 for a 5 pack of 120 films or $79.99 for a 5 pack of 35mm films. . Yes, it's still expensive, but filmmaking is an expensive hobby and it's something photographers will have to grapple with for the time being, and if you stop buying the product, be prepared for it to go away like it almost did before was the case for a decade. Film is here to stay and as more film is made Kodak can keep that door open longer and even bring back old favorites if the problem persists.

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