LG Unveils 2023 OLED TV Range Complete With UltraBright Micro Lens Array Technology

LG Unveils 2023 OLED TV Range  Complete With UltraBright Micro Lens Array Technology

LG dominates OLED TV world in 2022 With Samsung's new Quantum Dot OLED technology under heavy pressure, AV fans were excited to see how LG might respond in 2023. Well, based on information released by LG ahead of CES 2023, it looks like the answer is back with a vengeance.

The killer models for 2023 appear to be the new G3 series. We've been used to LG's G series for several generations offering performance advantages (many years ago they differed from the C series only in terms of sound quality or aesthetics), but it reaches a "performance gap" between the C and G models. . A new level of visibility in 2023.

The bottom line is that LG's 55-, 65- and 77-inch G3 models have improved brightness with "regular" WOLED TVs (as opposed to those not powered by LG's advanced "Evo" panels like the new B3 series). and Alpha 9 processing combination). This makes it more likely that the G3 will achieve over 1500 nits in a 10% HDR white window and over 2000 nits in a 2% HDR window. This would be a big jump for a single OLED generation, dwarfing the 30% increase seen when LG's OLED lineup moved from 2021 to 2022.

LG, in its usual quirky fashion, doesn't want to delve into the details of the technology used for the big brightness boost in games, describing the G3's new brightness as "Brightness Booster Max." he does Levels as a combination of improved board design and craftsmanship. But actually, as tech buffs might suspect, that level of brightness is due to the G3's use of new Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology.

MLA technology adds a layer of tiny lenses to the TV's structure to better focus the OLED panel's light output, ensuring that as much light as possible is directed at the viewer. The way MLA technology works also means that additional brightness can be achieved without increasing power consumption or the possibility of the OLED panel maintaining a constant image.

LG has been working on adding MLA to its TVs for a few months now, but it's great that it's finally confirmed. Especially when there were rumors before Christmas that the technology was delayed for a year.

It may be worth considering that previous reports on MLA technology have shown a much milder 20% increase in brightness compared to non-MLA WOLED panels. So it's tempting to wonder if LG has done something with the polarized coating on its new G3 as well. brightness, to a level that should match the potential improvement of the 2023 generation of Quantum Dot OLED technology. But we'll have to wait until we see LG's new OLED heroes to confirm that.

Also, we'll have to wait and see if adding that much brightness will affect color saturation given the white element of WOLED TV technology. However, running MLA does not necessarily mean that the brightness achieved in this way has a negative effect on color. In fact, he could do better.

Note that the 83-inch and 97-inch G3s expected in 2023 won't get MLA technology, so they're said to be 30 percent brighter than "regular" WOLED displays.

If you're on a budget, it looks like LG's new 2023 8K OLED TVs, the Z3 series, will be the first to use EX panel and heating technologies, making them brighter than previous models. The Z series is certainly not as flashy as the sporty MLA G3 model.

While the new G3s get an impressive panel hardware upgrade, it looks like the popular 2023 C series, the C3s, will be pretty similar to its predecessor in terms of panel hardware. Of course, LG isn't talking about a big increase in maximum brightness, and it looks like the C3 will get LG's "EX" panels without the accompanying heatsink.

I can't help but wonder what the new technology in the G3s could do to make it LG's biggest OLED hit in 2023, even if it costs hundreds of pounds more than the C3 (no, I'm not listening, (which suggests that the MLA technology in the G3 will make it much more expensive than the G2).

LG's entire new 'hero' OLED range will benefit from the latest generation of LG's A9 AI processor, Gen 6. Among the improvements brought by this new processor are some so-called "Alpha Reality" features, starting with AI Super Upscaling, a process designed to better preserve film grain while downscaling where real noise is preserved; Eliminate 4K sources on screens. native 4K or 8K resolutions.

There's also a new OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro feature, available through LG's Picture Pro AI system, which divides the screen into 20,000 separate analysis zones to determine how HDR10 content should be presented, instead of the 5,000 zones discussed above.

It also makes a big difference in image quality, given what we've seen of similar technology elsewhere, with a new object enhancement feature that can add different tone maps to faces and objects at different depths in an image to make them more immersive and lifelike. to be seen . – view

Adapted from the Philips (Europe) TV Book, LG has introduced a new AI Picture Optimizer that presents a series of screens with different variations of the same image and prompts the viewer to select a preferred look for each page. , using the results to render an image that intelligently follows your preferences, especially around color, without completely losing sight of the source material.

All LG C3, G3 and Z3 TVs will continue to support the brand's excellent support for gamers, with full 4K/120Hz and VRR support on all HDMI channels. New Game Optimizer options have also been added to provide more efficient picture and sound settings for different types of games, and surprisingly, LG is the first brand to officially certify Quick Media Switching VRR (QMS VRR), eliminating instant blacks. The screen you can get when switching from an HDMI source at different frame rates.

The Note's latest picture feature shows that LG is improving its Eye Comfort features, specifically compensating for an issue where turning off blue light in a picture can ruin the appearance of skin tones.

The new Alpha 9 processor also brings some new AI Sound Pro features. Most notable of these is WOW Orchestra, which could join LG in 2023 and (following a future firmware update) most of its soundbars in 2022 for a more detailed and stage-ready offering. It also improves the detection of different types of content to add more impact to action scenes, such as explosions, collisions, collisions, etc.

There's also a new Auto Balance Control feature that tries to avoid mid-bass and treble overlap, and a new "mixer system" that LG says will be able to feed all audio inputs to a virtual channel in 9.1.2 format.

Another interesting audio feature that may be particularly appealing to DTS fans is the system, which transmits an audio format not recognized by your TV to connected audio devices for use via the HDMI eARC system. In theory, at least, this should allow LG TVs to play multi-channel DTS or perhaps even the enhanced IMAX form of DTS:X through the soundbar and AVR. Something that wasn't possible for several generations of LG OLED TVs, as the brand removed DTS decoding capabilities.

LG's new 2023 OLED flagships will continue to make use of the lightweight composite fiber material that made the 2022 models a relative delight, while the G3s have a "zero gap" design that allows them to go even further. . wall than before.

The 77-inch Z3 also features Gallery Design's sleek, wall-friendly design, and as mentioned in a previous story about LG's 2023 soundbars, the C3s can be paired with the new SC9S soundbar for under-bracket mounting. which allows The lower border of C3. The soundbar can also be converted into a desktop stand for the C3 if you're not wall-mounting it.

The latest news to consider for LG's 2023 OLED TVs is the brand's legendary WebOS interface. The new and simplified home page is particularly welcome in several ways. This removes many of the content "shelves" found in version 2022 and creates a cleaner, more focused experience that makes it easier to quickly access the apps you use most. There's also a lot of flexibility when it comes to customizing the home screen to your needs.

2023 OLEDs also support 10 selectable user profiles for a more personalized experience, and the introduction of so-called quick tabs makes it easier to access different "types" of apps and content. Home office, gaming, music and sports cards will be offered initially, but more options are likely to be added in the coming months.

Depending on your region, you can also expect to see more service apps supported by webOS, including more cloud gaming, more fitness apps, more entertainment apps, more health apps, and more gaming support. Smart shopping.

LG's voice control support, on the other hand, is backed by AI Concierge, which recommends keywords based on voice-recognized search history and an improved suggested content presentation system based on user data to deliver more targeted results.

LG's Home Hub system has been enhanced with support for the Matter connectivity platform to control and manage smart devices around the home via the TV, adding to previous support for LG's ThinQ system.

One last little trick that users who like to tweak their TV settings will appreciate is the ability to manually select functions that are immediately available when you press the settings button. You have 11 menu areas that you can fill with the functions you use most without having to delve into the deepest depths of the TV's extensive menu system.

It's worth noting that LG will add the original B3 and A3 models to its OLED lineup, as it has done for the past two years. The B3s will be available in 77-, 65- and 55-inch sizes, will use the new 6th Gen 6 version of LG's powerful A7 processor, and will support 4K/120Hz gaming. The A3s will be available in 77-, 65-, 55- and 48-inch sizes, but despite sharing the same processor as the B3s, their panels only support 60Hz. It looks like the A3 won't be available in North America.

Check back in the next few days for my first impressions of the G3.

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