‘M3GAN’ Review: You’ll Love The Meangirl Robot In This Darkly Funny, Cautionary Tale

'M3GAN' Review: You'll Love The Meangirl Robot In This Darkly Funny, Cautionary Tale

The spooky doll movies get a much-needed upgrade with the gritty and sinister M3GAN.

The new Mate to the End is a sophisticated blond-haired robot with a feisty personality and a protective, murderous streak that is both funny and creepy. من إنتاج أساتذة جيسون بلوم وجيمس وان وان وان وان وجيمس وجيمس وان وان وان وان وان وان وان وان وان وان وجيمس في في دور دور السينما يوم الجمعة الجمعة الجمعة الجمعة الجمعة الجمعة الجمعة الجمعة بحماسة أربعة أربعة أربعة أربعة أربعة أربعة أربعة أربعة أربعة في في في Average. It's also fun to watch a movie that packs a healthy dose of absurdity alongside an insightful exploration of 21st-century authorship, even if you'll never trust Alexa again after that.

Let's all say hello to January's rare "M3GAN" that actually works.

Movies from the first week of January are never good, but "M3GAN" is an unexpected surprise in that regard:

  • The plot revolves around a robotic aunt, her orphaned niece, and high-tech dynamos that come into their lives (not for the better).
  • A mix of Hollywood glamour, M3GAN sings, dances and kills, not necessarily in that order.
  • If you liked the movie "Malignant" you will love this one.

Advanced AI is great and all until it is made unnatural by an overly cautious android.

Terror finds a new high-tech friend to take down the controversial M3GAN

A young woman (Violet McGraw) gets a new high-tech robot as a partner, which wreaks havoc throughout the horror film M3GAN.

United States today

Toy designer Gemma (Allison Williams) is working on a new affordable version of her popular Purrrpetual Pets, little fluffy balls that pop when kids "feed" them too much via her iPad, but she'd rather perfect her new robot with State- of – cutting-edge technological artificial intelligence that will theoretically help parents take care of their young children. When a tragic car accident kills her sister and brother-in-law, Gemma becomes the guardian of her injured 9-year-old niece, Cady (Violet McGraw), despite not being ready to become a mother.

Gemma "connects" her new project M3GAN, short for Model 3 Generative Android, to Cady and the connection between them is instantaneous. They quietly agreed, Gemma's annoying boss (Ronnie Cheng) rushed production of M3GAN (for $10,000 each!), even though red flags were slowly emerging: M3GAN has some sort of caddy protection no matter what, and when Gemma says she's dropping the "everyone dies" line you know it's going to get gory. (Spoiler alert: they do.)

Allison Williams is a horror icon on the rise, but M3GAN is the real star here.

Williams, who debuted a horror-movie look in Get Out, impresses here as a single father who must tend to Cady's needs while also dealing with the brutal chaos that M3GAN inevitably brings. McGraw also resists when Cuddy's troubled feelings run deep and begins using M3GAN as a role model.

But M3GAN itself is a marvel of cinema. Created with puppets, animation, special effects and a real girl (actress Amy Donald), the power of synthetic nature in the title surpasses the killer ensembles of movies like Chucky and Annabelle, dominating the screen like a fiendish cross between Teddy. and Freddy Krueger. M3GAN talks again, freaks out when he catches his prey (like evil bullies do), and performs TikTok-enabled dance moves before wreaking violent mayhem. And don't worry if you love every crazy minute.

M3GAN's key lesson: Never allow a parent to play with their child

Screenwriter Akeelah Cooper brings a fun and whimsical vibe to this film, which feels more like a dark comedy than a horror film. It's pretty vicious, even if the action is pretty cartoonish when the camera pulls back to find nothing too weird.

"M3GAN" is very elegant and offers some innovative needles – some "Toy Soldiers" are particularly clever. The smarter parts, however, delve into the themes of being a mom or dad in the age of screen time. M3GAN is a cautionary tale about what happens when something that helps parents replaces it, and the consequences of overreliance on technology, making this mean girl car lesson super fun.

Embrace all the horror fun.

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