Miami Art And Design Week 2022: An AD PRO Essential Guide

Miami Art And Design Week 2022: An AD PRO Essential Guide

All eyes will be on Miami next week as designers, galleries, curators and collectors gather in Florida's capital for Design Miami and Art Basel, also known as Miami Art and Design Week. To make the most of your time exploring this powerful exhibition duo, AD PRO covers installations, exhibitions, discoveries, product launches and everything you need to know about this highly coveted, unmissable annual event. (Be sure to return to the overview of the festivities.)

What, when and where?

At the 16th edition of Design Miami/Basel, which opened in June in Switzerland, Marie-Christine Diderot, new exhibition director, expands the concept of sustainable human development into a golden age. Root in the past. Thus, Diderot now orients himself towards the idea of ​​tomorrow, the golden age. A look into the future" in the episode "Miami".

This collection design celebration, which takes place in Pride Park from November 30 to December 4, showcases 20th and 21st century furniture, lighting and art from 50 galleries and antiques, as well as numerous collaborations.

At the Miami Beach Convention Center across the street from the park, Art Basel (December 1-3) will bring together top galleries from five continents to showcase contemporary art from established talent and rising stars.

What do you know about the exhibition?

Pride Park and the Convention Center are huge, so bring comfortable shoes and it's really amazing to walk around. Having an expert on the road can save a lot of time and energy. ArtNexus has prepared several one-hour tours for Art Basel visitors, including Highlights and Curator's Choice, as well as programs for the whole family and a special Spotlight collection. At the Congress Center, be sure to visit the Louis Vuitton showroom, where two wax figures of Yayoi Kusama created by the whaler herself will be on display; vintage chest in collaboration with Takashi Murakami; Paintings by Richard Prince; and more.

Remember that many nights are spent in other parts of the city, so unless you're renting a car, plan on spending a lot of time in the back of Lyfts and Ubers. Tickets for Design Miami and Art Basel can be purchased in advance on the fair's website. (There's even a handy combo for both events for $98.)

Where do you eat, drink and rest?

After a day of visual stimulation, you need a good dinner in an equally stunning location. Luckily, Magic City has no shortage of restaurants. Big Food Group, for example, expanded its empire in the city with the Contessa, a two-story spotlight in Miami's design district created by Garrett Singer Architecture + Design that looks like the glamorous Lake Como resorts of yesteryear.

Other lively tables await at Claw, a chic Travel 'n' Turf restaurant and rooftop bar overlooking Biscayne Bay, designed by Studio Martin Brudnicki at Miami's historic Edgewater Women's Club. The evening should end with a Magic City Daiquiri from renowned bartender Julio Cabrera at La Trova Café in Little Havana.

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