Movie Quiz: Cookies On Film, Or That’s The Way The Quiz Crumbles

Movie Quiz: Cookies On Film, Or That's The Way The Quiz Crumbles

Not only is it National Cookie Day, but today we kick off the seven-day celebration of National Cookie Sunday. Cute, right?

This week we're testing your knowledge of movies where a little dessert goes a long way (and we're not talking about the baker at the end). Get all the questions right in this quiz and you'll prove you're… a smart cookie!

1. In the 2003 remake of Friday the Plague, which pie caused the body transformation of Jamie Lee Curtis' mother and Lindsay Lohan's daughter?

2. Name the Woody Allen film with this plot. "A professional criminal and his gang rent a shuttered pizzeria to rob a nearby bank from below, but the plot fails. Meanwhile, the robber's wife sells cakes outside the restaurant as a cover, and it becomes a multi-million dollar business.'

3. In less progressive times, the 1976 version of A Star Is Born featured Barbra Streisand as the lead singer of a trio with two black singers. What is the name of this group?

4. What does Gingy's Cake from Shrek have in common with the magical cake used by Alice in the 1951 film Alice in Wonderland?

5. The Odd Couple is not the first time Jack Lemmon and Walter Matta have teamed up. Two years earlier, in 1966, they starred in the comedy What Got Matthew an Oscar?

6. In which 1996 film does John Travolta star as the main character?

7. Three actresses, Gracie Allen, Emily Lloyd and Patricia Neal, played characters named Cookie. What movies did Cookie, Cookie's Luck and Here Comes Cookie star in?

8. Which 2003 fantasy comedy film opens with a Buffalo TV reporter talking about the biggest cake in town created by a Polish bakery to win back customers after it was shut down by the health department? ?

9. True or false? In the 2010 film Despicable Me, the supervillain Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) sends a trio of orphaned girls to his enemy's castle to deliver a cake, which is actually a cake.

10. "And tell Jimmy I want 10 chocolate chip cookies. Okay? Medium chips, nothing too close to the outside. Got it?" In which 2004 biopic about the five-time Oscar winner did the main character make such a request over the phone?


1. Cookie with predictions

2. Little Thieves (2000)

3. Oreos. They are known as Oreos
4. They both say "eat me"
5. "Prediction Cookies"
6. "Mikhail"
7. Gracie Allen – "Here's the Cake"; Emily Lloyd – "Cake"; Patricia Neal – "Prediction Cookies"

8. "Almighty Bruce"
9. Correct
10. The Aviator, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Howard Hughes


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