Netflix Backs Short Film Camp Training Program In Thailand (EXCLUSIVE)

Netflix Backs Short Film Camp Training Program In Thailand (EXCLUSIVE)

For the second year, Netflix has partnered to support Short Film Camp, a training program for filmmakers from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. She heads Purin Pictures, a film grant agency supported by the Purin Foundation SFC.

Twelve directors and producers are participating in this 10-day event (December 2-12, 2022) in Bangkok, Thailand. The 24 participants will receive support aimed at improving their writing, producing and directing skills. The workshop will conclude with a live presentation of their short film project, and the four winners will receive funding and post-production for their short film projects.

The 12 teams consist of six from Thailand, four from Myanmar, two from Cambodia and one from Laos. Her film projects cover a wide range of topics, including family dramas, homosexuality, political oppression and loss of identity.

Last year, three projects were funded as a result of the workshop: Bee's Knees, directed by Tenchin Mount and produced by Christine Fleming; Blazed Away, directed by Supamart Boonil and produced by Ratthamanon Supapootern. Wood is directed by Muindao Kamuntum and produced by Katporn Saip.

"Supporting local creators gives unheralded filmmakers in Southeast Asia and beyond an opportunity to tell stories they may not otherwise be able to tell," said Netflix's Head of External Affairs (APAC).

Netflix launched its first multi-title TV series in Thailand last week.

Alsarat is an acclaimed filmmaker in his own right, having written and directed works including Wonder City and Thailand's Decade of Clips, as well as credits such as Happy Mary, Happy Mary. He also received production grants twice a year for Southeast Asian films for his role at Purin Pictures. Last week he was at the Asian Projects Market in Busan to present his film project The Tonglor Kids.

The seminar in Busan, attended by Southeast Asian manufacturers and distributors, discussed skills shortages, the need to increase production budgets in the region, and uneven government support for the industry, among other issues.

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