Nets Suspend Kyrie Irving For Pushing Antisemitic Film

Nets Suspend Kyrie Irving For Pushing Antisemitic Film

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The Brooklyn Nets will suspend star guard Kyrie Irving for at least five unpaid games, the team announced Thursday night, after not apologizing for promoting an anti-Semitic movie on Twitter over the weekend, the Nets are "deeply shocked."

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The team said in a statement that Irving has repeatedly refused to renounce anti-Semitism or claim that he is not anti-Semitic, which "constitutes harmful behavior for the team."

The suspension will last at least five games and Irving will not be able to return to the field "until he has completed an intense corrective action that addresses the negative effects of his conduct", even if the Nets did not specify. What will these measures be? to remain . . here

On Wednesday, Irving pledged $ 500,000 to the Anti-Defamation League and said he "takes responsibility" for the negative impact my position has had on the Jewish community, and on Thursday he told reporters that he "respects all walks of life. social ". apologized for his tweet. .

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"We believe he is not eligible for the Brooklyn Nets at the moment," the team said in a statement.

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The controversy erupted last week when Irving tweeted a link to a movie called "Jews Are Black: The Awakening of Black America," which contains anti-Semitic tropes accusing Jews of worshiping Satan and plotting to dominate the world. The tweet was widely condemned, with many NBA observers calling for Irving's suspension. Speaking Thursday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver called Irving's comments "reckless" and criticized the player for not fully apologizing. The seven-time All-Star guard has a history of promoting conspiracy theories and skipped most of last season after refusing to get shot at Covid-19.

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