Overwatch 2: How To Play Lifeweaver Tips And Tricks

Overwatch 2: How To Play Lifeweaver  Tips And Tricks

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Lifeweaver is Overwatch 2's new support hero and one of the most unique new healers in the game. Like Rehmat, his efficiency is low, but his skill level is very high. Lifeweaver is one of the most abstract heroes, with an infinite skill limit when creating platforms that lift allies or carry teammates to safety. With that in mind, Lifeweaver will certainly have its enemies as well as its trolling abilities. Now that Lifeweaver is finally available in competitive mode, here are some tips and tricks for playing the Lifeweaver deck in Overwatch 2 .

The main advantage of the Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2 is its Life Grip ability. This allows him to move an ally into view, saving him from an undesirable situation. Of course, this can also have negative consequences, such as the ultimate of your teammates or setting up the game, we will try not to talk about such moments. Lifeweaver also has an ability called the Petal Platform, which allows him to land on a flower-shaped elevator. If someone steps on it, it will rise into the air. Lifeweaver's ultimate allows him to plant a large tree in the middle of the battlefield, which gives him a great source of healing and cover.

Lifeweaver is mechanically simple, with pinpoint healing and low target intensity. However, the game sense required by this hero will be high as you will have to explore different perspectives of his Life Grip and Petal Platform. Despite its mechanical simplicity, Lifeweaver is not an easy hero to pick and play. You must play Lifeweaver perfectly to get the most out of his set. If you're ready for the power of flowers and want to learn Lifeweaver, these tips will help you on your botanical adventures with this new support.

How to play Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2:

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Master the characteristics of your mobility

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Lifeweaver has a "move" button that allows him to hit, have a small healing hit, and also run. This line doesn't go very far, but there are ways to extend it for increased mobility. Using jump before running increases his mobility a bit, and you can use the boost to make a small mini-jump after using the ability.

Another useful mobility tool is the Petal platform. At the top of the platform, you can jump at the right moment for a super jump. When you combine this with his dash, it allows the Lifeweaver to easily reach various locations, giving him the ability to move to places where enemies would least expect it. However, Blizzard recently released the ability to change Lifeweaver's keylinks, turning his lane rejuvenation ability into a double jump. If you find its old configuration problematic, use these settings instead. However, keep in mind that you'll be able to best use his dash using his default keyboard shortcut, as you won't have to jump before using this ability.

Changing weapons is boring, but it takes some getting used to.

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The new Lifeweaver switch sets its primary fire to Heal and its secondary fire to Thorn Volley. However, even if these new buttons are disabled, you will still get a weapon switch animation that slows down the rate at which damage can stack with your healing. From time to time you will need to use Thorn Volley with your "stun damage" not only to put pressure on the enemy team, but also to set the last charges when you are not healing.

The advantage of the weapon switching mechanism is the ability to reload various weapons using reverse gear. When your primary fire runs out of ammo, you can switch to secondary fire to deal damage. During this time, your main fire will recharge. When you flip it over, you will have a full healing clip to use. It also works the other way around. Consider this break to optimize your game.

The cooldown of the Petal Platform starts when you deploy it, not when you activate it.

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When you're not in combat, you can optimize the duration of your Petal Platform ability by first placing it near you. This ability's cooldown starts when you land on the platform. This means that you can activate the platform within seconds of deployment, which reduces the time for the next deployment. Given this quirk, you will be able to maximize the number of petal platforms you place.

Of course, this is not always an option. When you're on fire and need to use the platform as an escape or contact your last ally, you can use the Petal platform right away. You don't always want to preconfigure a platform because you want to set it up at the right time at the right time.

The petal gives the platform and the petal takes the platform

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Speaking of petal platforms, the propensity for immediate activation allows for a two-way game. If you've seen the Lifeweaver trailer, you've seen the clip of him placing a petal platform on top of an upside-down Orissa, lifting it into the air and rendering it utterly useless. It is fully functional and there are other ults you can cancel with this ability. We had the Mei Ultimate on the Petal platform, we got it up and away from allies on the ground so the team wouldn't freeze. Be creative!

At the same time, consider how the Petal platform can help your team members. Obvious games like throwing Cassidy or picking up Soldier: 76 speak for themselves to make them look better. How about taking them from the underground Reinhardt to the sky on the shattered ally of the Earth Petal Platform? This ability has a huge play potential and you might be interested to know in what situations you can use this ability. It's moments like these that raise the bar for survival skills, but trust me, how happy you will be when you renounce an enemy or save an ally from danger.

Coordination is key

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Lifeweaver is a hero who loves communication. We know how awful it can be to get into Overwatch 2's venomous voice chat. However, Lifeweaver is a hero that almost requires voice chat if you want to set up important games like Cassidy ult and Petal Deck Combo. In any case, we always recommend engaging in voice chat, but Lifeweaver will never reach its full potential if you can't communicate your intentions.

Also, put your mental health first. If voice chat isn't so much a coordinated method as it is a poisonous cauldron of big personality, you as a gamer will know better when to step back and focus on yourself.

It's okay to mess up the pen of life from time to time

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Your lifegrip is one of your most powerful tools as a lifeweaver, but it can also be one of the most devastating to your team. Every Lifeweaver boss has had a moment where they've spent an Earthshatter on Reinhardt, or perhaps recruited an ally against an enemy. These moments happen, and no matter how hard your teammates shoot at you, this outcome is inevitable. If you are loyal to the Weaver of Life and climb his tree of life, don't let these moments break you down and use them to teach you.

The best players make big mistakes in games that aren't as obvious as Lifeweaver's life maturity. Knowing where you are and understanding how you play Lifeweaver is the key to learning and improving your play style. If you are not benefiting from the Lifeweaver kit, you may want to consider purchasing at some point. Eventually, Life Grip will appear as May's Ice Wall. A potential troll, but still part of the game.

This is our guide on how to play Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2 . Check out our ranked lists of the best DPS, best tanks, and best supports to see what we think of the heroes in the game.

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