Overwatch 2: Tips & Tricks For Playing Orisa

Overwatch 2: Tips & Tricks For Playing Orisa

Overwatch 2 has a diverse cast of tank heroes. Among these tanks is the Orisha, a robot created to protect the city where he and his creator live.

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Check out our class guide if you'd like. However, if you are particularly interested in learning how to use Odisha, stay tuned; Here is our guide to help you.

Orisa: play style and physical characteristics

As stated above, Odisha is a tanka hero. It has 550 horsepower, 300 of which are armored. In general, tank heroes are a little low on HP, but the armor makes up for this by slightly reducing the damage dealt. You always want Orisa to be on the front lines to push the cause, get kills, and protect her teammates. His powers increase his ability to do so and increase his survivability. However, it is quite large, giving enemies enough room to shoot and deal damage. While it can be an uphill battle to reach the top, don't beat yourself up.

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Basic equipment

Odisha objects are the engine of greater integration. It's a thermal weapon, meaning you can fire as many shots as you like without reloading. Just make sure that the gun does not heat up when firing for a long time. You can shoot continuously for about five seconds before it cuts in half.

Damage is high when the weapon can hit enemies from a distance. You have to be very aggressive to get the most out of this. The weapon deals extra damage to headshots, so be sure to aim high to close the distance between you and the enemy for a quick kill.

energy jelly

An Orisha can make a weapon using the power of that same weapon. This weapon is used in most skills, the first of which is the strongest weapon. Throw the warhead in the desired arc, dealing damage and knocking back enemies it hits. This ability increases damage and cooldown when an enemy hits a wall. The cooldown is six seconds.

This is a great skill with many uses. For starters, the Spear Strike ability can keep opponents off target and overwhelm them. It can be the difference between winning and losing, especially in overtime.

Energy Javelin is useful when fighting opponents in closed areas. Dropping boats in such places will give you extra damage and save time. If the extra damage doesn't kill them right away, use the short time to get in close and let your main weapon deal more damage. To do this, try to capture the enemies and use the walls.


The second strength of Odisha is Fortify. Using this ability grants Orisa an additional 125 temporary health and reduces damage taken. It also reduces the thermal output of his advanced fusion engine, allowing him to fire longer. You can use your other skills while working in Fortify. It lasts just over four seconds, and the ability has a cooldown of 12 seconds. You can cancel a skill before it expires by pressing the button to reactivate it.

Reinforcement is a simple but very effective skill. A temporary improvement in health and immunity increases Odisha's chances of survival. This allows him to shoot longer and deal more damage. You can use it before or during a battle to level up. One thing you should look out for is getting back to the health you were before using Fortify. So if you're low on HP before using it, try getting a health pack or support your teammate as early as possible.

A spear

His next spear skill is called Spear Spin. When the Orisha grabs a Javanese, he quickly turns his left hand, waving it in front of him. The rotating army can stop enemy bullets and limit their physical attacks. It can also protect enemies when it takes damage. The ability lasts for two seconds and can be cancelled. But the cooldown is seven seconds. This move increases forward speed while moving and also after some time.

This is a great option for beginners. While rushing towards a target, Odisha uses Spear Spin to get there faster. It's also useful to get to work quickly after a kill, so be sure to use it at the start of every game or life. This works well for general movement, especially if you need to get out of a dangerous situation. This only increases your forward speed, so be careful if you're trying to avoid attackers behind you.

His ability to push motion projects into useful situations is excellent. When fighting another team at the target, the spear can cancel spinning projectiles while your team can shoot it from behind. Enemy fire becomes too much for your teammates. You can also use it to help keep all allies safe, keeping them and yourself safe.

The real fun part of this move is the ability to push the opponent. First, it is more capable of knocking enemies off target than the Energy Javelin due to its increased durability and mobility. Try using it right in front of some enemies to keep them away; If they do not approach you from the other side, you will be protected from their attack. However, if players are fighting in an area where they can die, Javelin Spin is the easiest way to get them to kill. You can use this move to corner an enemy and deal permanent damage.

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Serg Land:

Tera Surge Orissa Ultimate. He holds his spear above his head and swings it around, absorbing damage from nearby enemies. As he spins his spear, he fires attacks that increase in strength as he spins. The orisha then hurls the war into the ground, dealing damage to all of its stored energy and to all enemies in the area. You can release this stored energy by about 64%, but keep it up to 500%. Odisha will also receive the Fortify effect during the campaign.

The latter can be very difficult to use. When you want to build up enough energy to effectively damage (and preferably kill) opponents, you don't want to waste time accumulating too much and end up killing yourself first out of Terra Surge's reach or worse. You can leave it. Carefully assess your opponent's position before using this move. Be sure to check out Odisha HPO; Having received the Fortify effect, he is completely vulnerable while moving. Even if they all leave, a group of enemies will deal with it without much trouble. Also, once you reach full HP, this might be the best mod to use on damaged enemies.

Advantages / disadvantages of matches

Orisa is an armored character who prioritizes defense, survivability, and hand-to-hand combat. Despite the fact that he can harm a team of heroes, he can defeat few in a one-on-one fight. Especially with a tank hero, this happens infrequently. Your problems are mostly with characters vulnerable to his ability to get close, such as Reaper or Sombra (especially if you're enamored with his ability to abduct). Also, look for characters like Dawn or Doomfist who have ways to protect themselves.

In most cases, you should be fine. This is especially true in battles against characters with low HP and relatively limited movement, such as Cassidy or Mei. Of course, melee characters like Anna (we have a guide for her) will be easier to deal with.

Odisha adopted a different style of play than their previous versions. Once a more defensive character, he now excels in both offensive and defensive situations. The way he protects his team when he infiltrates and survives makes him very dangerous and fun to play. However, do not take on faith its enormous power and strength. It is still very large and easy to hit. If you get separated from your allies, it can easily cast spells on them and you if you run into the team.

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